Impending Sorrows (H)10m Group 2.

Area 52
Hardcore Casual Raiding (3 night of 3 hours raiding per night)
Days and Time: Tues, Wed, Sun - 8:00-11:00
Current Prog: 11/16 (6/6, 3/6, 3/4)
Goal: Recruit to finish current content and 5.2


Shaman (high)
Druid (medium)
Paladin (medium)
Priest (low)

Shadow Priest (high)
Hunter (high)
Warlock (med)
Warrior (low)
Rogue (low)
DK (low)

Tue, Wed, Sun

Open Roll Loot (MS/OS)
Free Feast
Free Repairs
Free Flask
Free Gems (as inv allows)
Free Enchants (as inv allows)


ilvl require 480
WoL is a plus (70k dps, patchwork style)

Have fun, but get the job done.

Open to a rotating roster (per fight/requirement)
* Interview with Brokensword and Jáyros
* Raid Leader: Effindruid / Effinhunter
* Trial of 2 weeks
* Serious commitments only

Contact via in-game: Brokensword, Jáyros, Effindruid
A bit more about us.

Some of us have 15/16 experience, and each of us is interested in meeting exceptional gamers who we may end up having fun with for many years. Ideally, we would love to find players who know when to take things seriously and when to have fun (and we love to have a great time). Part of the ideal player mindset is constantly wanting to improve your performance, researching skill and stat priorities/rotation/gear/etc. and learning from other players who outperform you in pugs, LFR, etc. If you excel at multiple character types and roles (healing, dps, and tanking), we want to know about that, and whenever possible, we'll try to roll your alts into the group for loot you're interested in.

We appreciate mature players who are more interested in helping the team succeed than bragging about their performance on the meters. We need raiders who appreciate private constructive criticism in the understanding that it is only meant to help the group progress through content.

The raid schedule is flexible, and we may swap the days around if we find times that work better for the group.
Morning bumpage to the top!
Bump for 1 or 2 more good players.
Sleepy time bump, will be back around tomorrow.. again if we aren't online drop us an in game mail we will get back to you asap.
Bump for an exceptional healer tonight.
Till looking for a few good players
Still looking for a good healer.
Still looking for a few good healers.
Bizump for 5.2!!!!
487 resto sham very interested.
I am at work at this moment but i can chat via skype: Clericsfrost

Please contact us in game next time you are online.
5.2 is quickly coming

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