Viable without Spirit Beast

Now with cross realms it is near impossible to tame a Spirt Beast. Question is can BM still be good without Spirit Beast?
You can still be perfectly fine. You can get a cat if you want the mastery buff. Only thing you lose besides looks is the Spirit Beasts heal which is nice but won't prevent you from say getting killed by a skilled player in PvP or a boss ability, it is a nice bonus for a cool looking pet family though.

I have not had a hard time finding Spirit Beasts, the ones in Hyjal seem to be there very often. Maybe the crab might be a little easier to find with not as many players in that zone. Log your character out at your Spirit Beast of choice spawn point and do that until you find one, or hang around their spawn point and que for instance/bgs or something to pass the time.
They're adding three new spirit beasts in 5.2, all of which will be in Pandaria, which means no CRZ competition, only server competition. But I was able to pick up Gondria out of Zuldrak immediately upon turning level 77. Gondria's pathing is pretty remote from quest areas. Try that.
Spirit beasts are not that great. The benefits of their heal used in conjunction with stampede have been blown out of proportion by terrible players. You will do just fine without one. The strength of BM comes from it's ability to produce massive amounts of burst when its abilities are used correctly, the strength of the 2/4 piece bonus in PvE, and its LoS capabilities in PvP. You do not need a spirit beast to succeed with BM.
They certainly didn't build BM around one pet family.

Spirit beasts are really only useful for that heal in PvP esp when you pop stampede, that or soloing content. It's probably my favorite pet based on its looks but I never bring my spirit beast to raids.. Usually bring my snake, spore-bat or wolf for the buffs, all of which do competitive dps assuming they're in ferocity spec.
for pve just bring a cat if your group doesnt have a mastery buff, the healing is nice but not game breaking, for pvp, it might hurt a little bit more if you dont have one, but it is not mandatory, a shale spider is a better pet in my opinion, at least on random bgs, the stun has saved me more times than the healing dot from my spirit beast
Due to the fact that he cant be killed (At least without a 40 person raid) Ghostcrawler is your best bet to get a spirit beast. Unlike the other spirit beasts who get killed for being a rare, Ghostcrawler is only sought out by those trying to tame him, and he is SO far out of the way, that its usually deserted.

Read up on him at
He is sneaky and hides a lot, you have to time your tame for when he comes out of hiding, and complete the tame before he hides again.

I have gotten him on two different hunters, First hunter he was there the first time i tried, second hunter took me two tries.
Why is there so much crying regarding the spirit beasts?
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Spirit beasts are really only useful for that heal in PvP esp when you pop stampede, that or soloing content.
If you're raiding BM on non-aoe fight and have all buffs covered, there's no reason not to use Spirit Beast and keep Spirit Mend off autocast. For heroic fights heavy in raid damage, like Tsulong, Empress, Feng, Protectors, etc. my pet is typically 15% or more of all healing done to me with Animal Bond glyph.
Okay thank you guys! I am pumped about 5.2!

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