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Hello, i am looking to buy a build your own computer. Wanted to ask a couple questions from the wow community first though.

-Where should i buy one? online or at a store? i heard places like best buy are a no-go because they charge a crazy amount and have bad reputation (read alot of reports where the computer had issues closely after the warranty ended.)

-What graphics card would i need to play in highest detail + record videos for youtube without lagging at all?

-What processor would i need?

-Thinking atleast a 500G hard drive, would i need more than that?

any other things that need to be good quality? im not a computer wiz but to my understanding thats what the game depends on.

Many thanks in advance.
CPU - AMD FX-8350, i5 2500k/3570k, or i7 2600k/3770k. ($200-330)
GPU - 7950 or 660 TI or better. ($300-400)
Hard Drive - I recommend getting a 320GB for your game storage and a 500GB one to use strictly for Fraps. ($80-150)
ASRock Motherboard for Intel. ($75-120)
MSI AM3+ Motherboard for AMD. ($75-120)
I would recommend you check out

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