[H] Inflation of low-lvl ench mat prices

Does anyone have any tips on how to level Enchanting WITHOUT having to spend +300% -> +700% of regular prices on thegoodguys mats. He's bought up practically the entire market for low level enchanting mats and has raised the prices to crazy amounts. It's so frustrating and so hard to try leveling a profession in that kind of economy. What can I do?

Have tried grinding the mats to no avail... the frequency of green drops is too low in dungeons to grind them. Does anyone have a solution?
Buy greens of the appropriate level and disenchant them for the mats to level, it can often work out cheaper.
Leveling or already having a max tailor etc, helps a lot with disenchanting and getting mats.

I think wow-professions and few different websites have disenchanting guides that makes leveling enchanting cost nothing. All you need is the time to run low level dungeons for the mats.

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