Ret dps lacking

Execution Sentence IS superior for single-target DPS; Light knows I've had to explain that one enough times since MoP hit. There are things in the game that aren't single-target DPS. There are also things in the game that don't live long enough (or stay put long enough) to make good use of Light's Hammer. The intersection of these things generally does not occur in raid environments, but there are also things in the game that are not raid environments after all. If Benevor's raiding with Prism full-time, that would be a problem, but sometimes you're doing something non-demanding and just want to shoot lasers out of your hands, y'know?

I generally don't agree with the notion that "not ignoring half of your buttons" is a particularly advanced technique. A rookie Ret should definitely be worrying more about his rotation than watching the tank to see if he needs a HoSac, but there's plenty of utility which does not require exquisite situational awareness.
I beat equally geared mages and warlocks without breaking a sweat. It's all about knowing your class. Cooldown management is a must.
Hammer of Wrath

"Hurls a magical hammer that strikes an enemy for 1747 to 1930 (+ 161% of Spell Power) Holy damage, generates a charge of holy power and applies holy empowerment effect to the paladin's weapon"

Holy Empowerment

"Light rushes into the paladin's weapon causing it to glow and increases it's speed by 0.1 seconds for 3 seconds. Effect doubles if inquisition is up"

Basically 3.6 weapons will get to be 3.8 for 3 seconds after a hammer of wrath and if inquisition is up.
CD management and keeping up Inquisition is a big portion of knowing your class. It may seem really dumb, but it's true. It also helps to know when the Heroism is coming in so you can stack GoAK and your other burst tools with it.

Utility is also very important. Throwing off-heals with Selfless Healer and knowing how your hands work is very important. Even if it does initially cost a GCD for some (Hand of Purity), you can really do favors for the raid while you're sitting and waiting around for your AoW procs or everything to come back off CD.

I personally like burst better than sustained. When I was doing Spirit Kings seeing myself (temporarily) be above 90K DPS makes me feel all warm and snuggly inside...

...Until I somehow pull threat off the tank. Eugh.

lol, Good joke.

It's not a joke; you're just not geared properly to see it.

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I dont really mind though. Retribution as a raid spec, can do much more than damage. The problem really shows up if you start PVPing however.

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