Halp us find a new home? ;_;

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Due to our guild splitting up and transferring elsewhere, my boyfriend and I are looking for an awesome new realm and group of people to play with. We're interested in a high pop PvP realm with either balanced or horde-favoring population. It's proving to be more difficult than I thought. We're also in need of a raid group that ends it's raid by 10:00 or 10:30 pm EST since he works at night. He plays a fairly well geared enhancement (offspec resto) shaman, while I just switched mains from alliance to horde to play with him -_- so I'm still working on gearing my resto (offspec boomie) druid. I don't expect to start raiding anytime soon because I'm so undergeared, but it would be nice if he could. Here's a link to his armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/drakthul/Shockra/simple

So yeah. Any information on awesome realms with awesome people would be appreciated. ;)

Thanks guys!
I can't speak to the schedule part, but the server has a good population and a very high Horde ratio, so in theory, you shouldn't have a problem finding a compatible guild here.
That's what I'm hoping, that we won't have an issue finding a guild with those raid times due to the higher population. :) I took a look at the AH and it seems to be much better than ours.

How are the queues here?
Do you mean PVP queues like bgs and arenas? Or PVE queues for dungeons/LFR? Or maybe just everything in general?
Both. :)
10min heroic que. lfr 10-20min except toes its like 40 min
Yah what Ad said. Then pvp wise it's about 1-3 minutes for a bg queue and arena queues are very fast until about 2200 mmr+.
Once you said boyfriend I stopped reading.
Queues for healer are instant for PvE, Toes queue takes maybe 5 minutes.
What Orangedrank meant to say is that he would like to become a part of a polygamous relationship with you and your boyfriend.

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