NE vs Worgen

Hi my gf and I are going to roll a pair of druids soon and im wondering which race would be better for bgs.. I was thinking NE for the extra stealth, but is the worgen speed boost pretty useful?
I say it depends on the role you intend to play.

If you want to be a flag carrier (feral or guardian), definitely take worgen.

If you plan on being a caster (boomkin or resto), night elf gives you that combat break for drinking/mounting/dropping target.
Is the worgen speed boost available in animal forms??
it's personal preference really. i like worgen because of the extra crit % increases the chance from shooting stars proc as boomy and the sprint for mobility.

you get like 4 sprints intotal if you're an engineer. rocket boots, darkflight(racial),stampeding roar, and dash.

and yea worgen sprint is available to all forms.
Hmm ok I think we'll go with worgen then, thanks guys :)
02/04/2013 10:53 AMPosted by Ràzor
Is the worgen speed boost available in animal forms??

Yes it is, I specialize this druid in speed, and it DOES stack with other forms SUCH AS TRAVEL FORM! I have the talent, chant, and gear that enables my travel form to go as fast as an epic mount, and add that on it, yeah there's no catching me...
Does nelf vanish work in BGs? It tends to fail in world pvp when you're grouped.
It works, but if they're standing on top of you they'll see you again immediately.
Yeah, you use shadowmeld if you see a warlock about to get off a chaos bolt or something, you meld, their spell gets cancelled.
You can go human form in town and actually look good in your gear! Stupid Night Elf ears poking through all my hard earned transmog!!!!!! I wish they would fix elf ears through gear! ><

I actually like the ears. O.o What I hate; however, is when the hair get's caught in the helm, you're not able to see it. I do understand why though.. You don't want your hair catching on fire and what-not. :p I know a helm isn't made for aesthetic purposes, but I just don't like it. Hence why my helm is transmogrified into the Nightsong headpiece.

Back on topic -- As everyone else has said, it's your own personal preference. I prefer NE over Worgen, but that's just me.

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