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Hi friends on the CS board, the nature of lockouts can be a bit confusing, so here I am.

Q: Say we wanted to extend Sha of Fear Heroic for next week, could we have one person step out of the raid, and still kill it on normal this week and the lockout with Heroic Sha up would be available next week? I know it is possible for a raid to kill bosses 1-3 on normal and join a lockout with Heroic Sha up, but I don't know about having people in the raid that killed that same boss on normal last week.

I'd like to say some people did it for Normal Madness too, but I cannot find any confirmation at all in google, just comments about the earlier bosses.

Yes, you can do it that way, as long as you have a player who doesn't need Terrace this week.

Week One: Players 1-10 kill the first 3 bosses in Terrace.

Week Two: Player 1 extends his Terrace lockout. Players 2-10 do whatever they want.

Week Three: Player 1 extends his Terrace lockout, invites Players 2-10 (or anyone else) to a raid, they all get the "Hey do you want to get saved to this raid?" popup and say yes.
Oh. I misread your question. The scenario I described above works, but I don't know if you can do what you're asking.
You can disregard this now, thanks.

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