New holy with a few questions

My upcoming holy paly will be 90 by this weekend. I'm considering switching it to my main as I'm not finding monk healing to be what I thought it would (fun wise). Here are the questions I have:

1) Is disc priest/resto shaman/holy paly a good raid comp? Currently, this our comp, only with my monk.

2) I've read the guide an get the jist of healing with a paly, but don't enough yet to fully understand how the 5.2 changes affect them. Good, bad, inbetween?

3) Does a paly bring more utility to the raid than a monk does?

Thanks in advance for any help!
1. Disc/Rshammy/Hpally is my ideal comp. Disc brings the absorbs, Rshammy brings the massive cd's and mana battery, Pally brings the sustained throughput.

2. 5.2 is not changing much for pallies. We will continue to be in a really good spot.

3. Utility is hard to define, but my personal opinion is yes. We are arguably the most versatile healing spec in the game, bring strong tank healing/spot healing, and good raid healing too. On top of that we have good tank cd's with lay on hands, hand of sacrifice, and hand of purity (talented), as well as situationally amazing hand of protection which makes the target immune to physical damage.

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