prot pally haste Nerf Inc.

ok blizz I know alot of chatter has been coming about at the value of haste for prot pallys and the proposed nerf. Since I haven't seen anyone post this yet I would like to draw some attention to a blog from sacred though I won't post the entire thread here, it is worth reading, but I do want to draw one thing out in the open. should you guys decide to nerf SoTR or sanctity which I hope you don't, this would be an awesome way to go.

■Change Grand Crusader’s trigger from CS/HotR to avoidance. Thus, avoiding an attack would have a chance to refresh the cooldown of Avenger’s Shield and grant holy power. That might be too similar to Revenge, but it covers all the bases: gives us something active to do and ties into our active mitigation through resource generation.

again this isn't the only suggestion people have made but this one seems to be gathering the most steam around blogs and posts so figured I would share. Again this is just one of the things posted on I take no credit for this I am just pointing to an epic idea.
Uh...GC has already said that that's the change they're planning to do.
For those who use a haste build this will be a slight nerf, though not terrible. For my set up (13.48% haste, 25.8% combinded D/P) It looks like it may mean about 3-5 less HP over the course of a five min fight.

I'm trying to find out how much Dodge/Parry you would need to break even with this change, but its too late to think about it too much. Right now(live) though it looks like I'm generating about 15 extra HP from GC procs.

I think this comes out to needing 45% combined Dodge and Parry, with a boss swing time of 2 seconds, to get the same HP generation over a 5 min fight.

Seems like it would be better just to gear for more haste, rather than switch up my gear to try to go for Avoidance. This change seems more to encourage those who use an avoidance build to keep using it, rather than encourage those of us who use Mastery or Haste heavy builds to switch to using more avoidance.
I wonder if they realize how powerful this will be when AoE tanking
02/04/2013 08:30 PMPosted by Protroasted
I wonder if they realize how powerful this will be when AoE tanking

They should, since it's a copy of Revenge. It's pretty hard not to notice Revenge going proc proc proc proc proc on AoE pulls.
Thank God I saved the dodge/parry gear I'm not using.
02/05/2013 03:57 PMPosted by Jerricho
Thank God I saved the dodge/parry gear I'm not using.

Dodge and parry will still be our weakest stats after this change. They just won't be quite as weak as they are now.
This proc adds a hidden value to haste.
You will sometimes have more HP options than globals to claim them. Faster globals = more HP.

Currently for Grand Crusader to proc your CS/HoR would be on cooldown by definition. This will not now be the case and you will cast Avenger's Shield at the cost of delaying CS/HoR by a global.

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