I need help on picking a computer

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Im new to computers i don't know what i need. I'm looking for the best computer that you can buy or the best parts to build one cost doesn't matter
core i7 3770k with watercooling to overclock it more
dual 7990's (or 7970's) in crossfire, also connected to the water cooling
1000+ watt power supply, 80 plus certified
dual 512gb samsung 840 solid state disks in raid 0
dual 8gb corsair dominator or something fast for RAM
motherboard with extra overclocking option, Z77 chipset or something comparable
blu ray burner
rosewill Thor case

or something like that. should last you a few years... i GUESS.

depending on the deals you find it should be $3500 to $4000

also if you want more storage you might choose to add two or three 3tb hard drives to it

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