Transferring to server soon, LF Guild

Greetings Hyjal!

As you may have been able to tell from the title, I am transferring my main character from Icecrown Alliance (please don't hold it against me) to Hyjal Horde sometime by Friday of this week. Because of this I will obviously be looking for a great group of people to raid with and an awesome guild to join, hopefully within my first week on the server.

I am currently a 489 Arcane Mage with a fire off-spec I'm working on (if needed.) As for my progression I am currently 6/6 MSV (10M and 25M experience), 2/6 HoF (10M and 25M experience) and 3/4 ToES (25M experience, 25M Elite Protectors kill also).

I am interested in 10M and 25M raiding and am usually available after 7PM server time.

My GF has already moved her character here and she is also looking for a raid group and guild. We would prefer to join the same one, but if that's not possible then we will make it work. Her name is Ayreyne and she is a 481 Holy Paladin. Her progression is 3/6 MSV (10M experience) and 1/6 HoF (10M experience.)

We are both great players still working on our rotations for max efficiency in our respective roles, so we would ask anybody interested to bear with us.

If you are interested in one or both of us, please feel free to add my battletag and chat with me in game (Synyster18#1167).

See you soon!
Lmao, that's a shame that the guild name <MEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEW> will no longer be in service =(

There are tons of good guilds on this server, I'm sure you guys will be able to find one! I think there are more guilds than players, if that's possible.. lol.
I agree with Mmurrggll. Lots of guilds, not nearly enough recruits. I'm surprised more people haven't responded to your thread, actually.

I'd offer a spot for both of you for our up and coming raid roster, but I think you, at the very least, are looking for something a little more progressed. If you'd like, we can talk in game, I sent you a battle.tag
Hey hey there. Minions Inc is currently recruiting for a mage and a holy pally for our 25m team. We're currently progressing through ToES and getting our feet wet in heroic MSV. If you're interested, I'd be glad to chat with you about it, and I took the liberty of adding your battle tag to my real ID. =)
Looking at your progression level, Minions Inc may be the best place for you. My guild and theirs is just at about the same level of progression, unfortunately I'm a little heavy on mages and holy paladins.

So here's the quick bump for Dismarum and Minions Inc, good luck finding a guild once you get on server.
I think everyone is following each other through the forum...

Welcome to Tuesdays :P
Welcome to Hyjal, hope you find the group you're looking for. As stated before there are plenty of guilds and plenty of them are recruiting!
Appreciate the responses I've gotten so far.

Remember we aren't available until after 7PM server. Some promising guilds have whispered me, but we have to be able to make the raid times to consider anybody.
Transferring within the next day, still hoping to find a new place to call home.
If you would consider staying Alliance we would love to talk to you.

Our raid times are 8:30-11:00 Tuesday Thursday and Monday


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