Razer naga?

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I want to step up my pvp, and my friend says I should get a naga. it just seems to me like they would be hard/award to use. Anyone have one and have an opinion?
I love my naga! It's well made, durable, my hand fits nice on it and so many keybinds! I wouldn't say its necessarily a game breaking thing where you *have* to have one, but once you get used to the buttons its incredibly easy. Razer even includes little stickers to put on the buttons to help you learn the buttons as you go. The only button i have slight issues with is the top button by where your pointer finger goes, but I don't have very long fingers so I'm betting that is my problem. Try one, I think you will enjoy it!

I love my naga and have had the same one for a little more than 2 years now! It still works like new! I recommend to all my friends and newcomers to wow to get a Razer Naga! It makes keybinding so much easyier and so many more abilities that you can assign to those buttons, also great for macros.

Bottom Line...GET ONE NOW! :D You wont regret it
Depends on the size of your hand and how you like to hold your mice, but it can be very handy for PvP. It won't necessarily make you better, but you can offload binds/macros that are not used as often onto it. I wouldn't use it for clutch/main skill abilities as that is awkward and inefficient.
It helps a lot.

It will take some getting used to. It took a few weeks for the buttons placement to sink in. Once it does, though, you'll never go back.

The only caveat is it's pretty much designed with a claw grip in mind. I'm a palm-mouser and that probably extended the learning curve. A palm rest might help, but I can't stand the things and just put in the time to acclimate.
Got a naga not too long ago. GREAT mouse just takes a lot of time to get used to using all the buttons(twelve total) on the side.

In truth Blizzard just needs to lower the amount of 'effing spells/items you need to manage. When I can map a dozen to my keyboard, a dozen to my mouse, and I still have to use awkward key combinations to map them all... it's really obscene.

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