Ret freedom breaking stuns

This has been mentioned alot as a suggestion and a potential survivability buff. Personally, i think it would be all rets need from a survivability standpoint. I also want to say i only think freedoms should break stuns when used on self. I feel like it would not only be unique to ret, but it wouldn't be a gamebreaking as people are making it seem. Ret will continue to get trained and be squishy, just not killed in the first stun without bubble/trinket. If ret is not the kill target, this buff will have almost no effect, as the majority of cc/peels on dps are not stuns anyways (i know there is shockwave FoF ect).

Ret sustained keeps getting addressed, and from a pvp standpoint, im fine with ret's sustained considering the utility and burst we have. I dont expect to be like a DK and do ridiculous sustained and even more burst damage. I understand im trading that sustained for utility. The problem is, when ret is trained, there is no utility, there is no sustained, and even your burst is hampered.

As said before, even with this buff, what will stop ret from being trained to the ground? Nothing really, we will just be able to heal ourselves a little more. Outside of DP and Devo, what is stunning a ret really preventing?

EDIT: freedoms will only break stuns, not prevent the ret from being stunned.

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