What was your main before?

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Just curious for those that call their monk their main, what class did you come from?

Warlock here. He was my main since vanilla. I don't feel like as much of a "game changer" in BGs as a monk, but I find the class so much fun, and that is really all it's about I suppose.
Vanilla: Warlock
BC: Ele/Enh Shaman
Wrath: SP
Cata: Arcane Mage

Tend to prefer casters, but really digging melee this expansion. Working on a 2nd monk now for healing. Love me some fistweaving.
Ret Pally, main since WotLK came out.

Also played an Arcane Mage in Cata but stopped since MoP came out. Didn't feel like learning an actual rotation.
This expansion my main was an enhancement shaman. Seeing as they're in a pretty limited spot, and resto didn't interest me at all, I decided to give this guy a try. Loving WW as well as MW. This class gave me motivation to play again... just gotta get her geared!
Vanilla & TBC: Hunter/Druid
WOTLK: Druid
Cata: Shaman

Monk is now my favorite class, cannot wait for the pvp buffs!
Cata: holy paladin
Mop: Demo warlock, and my monk will be my healer
BC/LK: Hunter
Cata: Druid
MC/BWL/AQ/NAX40/Kara: Paladin (Ret in vanilla, Prot in BC)

Kara/TK/SSC/MH/BT: Enhancement Shaman

MH/BT/Sunwell: Rogue

Nax/Uld/ToC/ICC/RS: Rogue (was a DK for first two months before switching back to rogue)

BWD/BoT/TFW/FL/DS: Rogue (was a Feral Drudi for first two months before switching back to rogue)

MoP: Rerolled Monk... been happy here ever since and have no plans of switching.
Played every class at one time or another since vanilla with long breaks but the monk is the best by far for me but then i played a monk in EQ and the equivalent in every MMO since then. Was totally happy they brought them into WoW!!!!
Classic: Warlock
BC: Shadow priest
Wrath: Warlock
Cata: Warlock for first half, feral druid second
BC - Wrath: This Paladin
Cata: Druid for t11, Priest for t12, Druid for t13
BC: holy priest
WotLK: resto/feral druid
Cata: resto druid
Didn't start playing until cata, and it was a Disc/Holy priest.
rouge to a shaman to a monk
Restoration Shaman.
Did fire mage until it got nerfed now I main a monk.
I was a Mage. Switching to a Monk was the best WoW decision I've made.
Ele Shaman
I can't quite say I'm switching, lock is still my main at the moment. I'm kinda hesitent since I love both range and melee equally and both lock and monk are my favorite of each type of dps. I do like monk a touch more though since she's a panda and I love the pandaren race (still wish I could be a panda lock, but meh, it's fine).

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