What was your main before?

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Paladin, they play very similarly to WW monks, with less button mashing I guess.

Can't get enough of roll and FSK though. Together with nitro boosts/goblin glider and I'm an F1 racer :>
BC: Mage
wotlk: mage + prot warrior
Cata: mage + enh sham.
Mage, but Blizzard is so crappy at design atm that I dunno if I'll be playing WoW once I find a better time killer.

I would like to make my own MMO, but while I have class design down, I don't have anything else going, lol.
warrior through classic/bc/vanilla, ret and mage through cata
Vanilla - WOTLK: Holy Paladin
Cataclysm: Holy/Disc Priest.
I'm torn between my monk and my resto druid. Both are so much fun!!!!
I played Holy Priest from Vanilla-To the end of WoTLK. I then switched to a death knight and played death knight up until just recently when I started leveling this monk.
Resto Shaman for 4+ years. I just recently decided to try out monk heals and it much more enjoyable, which is a surprise to me since I have been on my shammy for so long. It does pain me a little to lose all that hard work/effort on it but the monk is worth it. :)
Arcane mage and restoration shaman
Vanilla - end of Cata : Mage
Was a priest in vanilla
ele shaman in BC through end of Cata

I wish they had introduced Monks before now. I love this toon.
Vanilla - Rogue
BC - Rogue
Wotlk - Mage
Cataclysm - Hunter

Started playing EU, after Wotlk came out I began playing US instead.
Vanilla: Hunter
Bc: Druid
Wrath: Druid
Cata: Rogue for first half, then Ret
Pandaria: only switched from ret because they changed it so much. Don't like monk that much to be honest.
Vanilla: Druid
BC: Druid/Mage. Warrior for PvP.
Wrath: Warrior
Cata: Enh Shaman and transitioned to a Warlock in Firelands.
MoP: ???????? Have Druid, Lock, and Rogue at 90. Not feeling any of them anymore. Leveling this and a Priest (83) now. We'll see how it turns out, though I am really liking my monk :D

Monk can do it all like a druid (save ranged dps, but pffft) and plays sooooooo much better. Most fun I have had in WoW since Vanilla.

And this is not to say Vanilla was great, but the game was new and I was an MMO virgin, so it was all so magical at the time.
Vanilla - Rogue
BC - Hunter
Wrath - Enhance/Restro Shaman
Cata - Mage
beginning of this x pack was holy priest but loving the monk and will most likely keep him as a main
Vanilla - Cata; Rogue

Came back at the end of Cata after long hiatus and guild needed a healer. Still love my Rogue but currently raiding with Monk.
Vanilla - Rogue
BC - Shaman
Wrath - Death Knight
Cata - Warrior
Vanilla and TBC: Druid
WotLK: Druid -> Paladin
Cata: Paladin -> back to Druid (cause my guild had like 4 Paladins in our 10M)

Also, interesting thing is I have always had a slight altoholic fever when my Druid/Paladin were my main, but I haven't really leveled or played much of my alts since my monk. This could partly be due to less time in game though.
Vanilla>Cata= Mage

There were times I played other classes more but always went back to mage.

Monk is too fun though, I levelled a mage but I haven't bothered gearing it for MoP.

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