What was your main before?

Shaman since I started playing in late BC.
Monk is a lot of fun, I like it more than my shaman, although I still play him often.
Vanilla: Mage
BC: Resto Druid (os changed weekly)
Wrath: Shadow/Disc Priest
Cata: Got a druid to 85 but quit soon after
MoP: Cant say I really have a "main" yet. Still levelling a mage and druid then I'll decide which to gear up out of monk/priest/mage/druid.
Well since Vanilla I played a Rogue with the same name (Mikthook). Took a break and played with a DK for most of wrath and the first part of Cata then took a break till MoP. And now Mikthook has returned, but as a Monk. And I must say....I will be sticking with this class. Too much fun.
I've had a rogue my entire time on WoW, so it was a huuuge switch to go from strictly melee to strictly healing. But, it's an AMAZING switch -- I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. And with monks, there's so much versatility. So happy with this class, hope to see more good things come with it.
Original Recipe --> Wrath (until ToC patch): Restoration Shaman

Cataclysm: Began as a Balance/Resto Druid, then made my Frost Death Knight my main when my guild said they didn't need ranged DPS or healers, but badly needed melee DPS.

I usually prefer casters and healers in most games I play, but for some reason I'm really liking melee more lately. Tastes change I guess. And Mistweaver spec lets me do both! So it's win/win. :D
Since vanilla i was a warrior. But i had chosen warrior because there was no class that fights barehanded (mostly)
Vanilla - Hunter
BC - Enhancement Shaman
Wrath / Cata / Start of MoP - Protection Paladin

Got bored of the Paladin went Monk about 2 weeks ago after moving it to my friends Casual guild.
I've been all warrior since I joined in 3.3, but now I'm alternating in between the two.
T10-T11: mage / warlock
T12 - T14 5.1 patch: Disc Priest
5.1 to now and maybe til i quit? Monk
Started playing a few days before Christmas after Wrath came out.

First character was a Gnome Mage....eventually played a Draenei Shaman and when I finally leveled a Blood Elf Priest all the way, she was my new "Main" (this was after Heirlooms went cross factions)

Cata- I played a lot, but my Troll Shaman I leveled shortly after Cata came out was my raider although I did a lot with my Holy Pally and some with my Feral Tank/Resto Druid too (which I started before Cata even dropped as a Troll).

Now- this Monk is my favorite toon...I love it and am leveling another Monk (this time Blood Elf).

I love Mistweaver spec more than ANY other healing specs. I hope they never ruin it for me like what happened when Cata came out and all healers basically became the same but with small differences....I liked Flash Heal or Flash of Light spam being cheap and not the strongest healing....I miss the way Druids could spam Nourish as a "stronger" heal and not a cheap efficient heal. I also miss being a Tree with benefits for being a Tree...and not just asthetics like the glyph is (which sucks but I still use although at times, it can be a pain cause it's not rly worth the shift)...I miss the old aura!
Vanilla & TBC: BM Hunter/ Feral Druid
WOTLK: Feral Druid
Cata: BM Hunter/Feral Druid
Mop: Monk since start of second week after release
miss being a Tree with benefits for being a Tree... I miss the old aura!

I miss stacking that aura :) awe the good ole days of wow
Vanilla - Warrior
BC - Warrior
Wotlk - Quit
Cata - Warrior
Mop - Warrior / Monk
Arcane Warrior.

Since I was burned out on WoW and was playing other games(like Dragon Age) instead
Well I am -planning- to have my monk be -a- main... but I've long not had a specific main.

My "main" began as an enhance shaman in classic, then a resto druid in BC, then prot paladin, then prot warrior, then unholy DK tank (remember when that was an option?), then feral druid tank, then prot warrior, then blood DK, then back to druid tank. With assorted priest, shaman, and druid healing thrown in.

In both Wrath and Cata - the expacs lasted so long, and leveling plus gear was so easy, that I had no need for a main. Often in mid raid I would switch toons and tank the next boss with a different character.

When I got bored of it all, I repeated it alliance side. Stuff lasted so long, I was able to level up and gear 3 tanks there as well... (the druid there also healer geared).

Once LFR hit, I filled in all the old 'toons' up to LFR and a little raid gear as well...

I kind of wonder sometimes...

What's a main?

My monk is rapidly going through the levels, tank/heals spec. Actually splitting time between one on alliance and one on horde.
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Ele Shaman
Resto Shaman.

Mistweaver is definitely more difficult for me. You can't simply pick "the right tool for the job" at the time and watch people live and the meters swing in your favor. You have to utilize small cooldowns more effectively than other classes, or watch your HPS and mana plummet.

Post 5.1 it seems like the challenge seeker's healer, which I like.

In PvP they seem strong in BGs, I'd like to get more time in arena with mine, though.
DK here, frost tanking during wrath, and then dw dps during cata...having to much fun on this monk tho to even gear my dk :P
warrior since vanilla... and im someone who doesnt make alts, i just play other mmos/games..

for the longest time i always said warrior is the only class that really keeps me interested and invested.

Stance dancing, weapon swap macros, quartz addon to time slam in pvp (once upon a time :P) and the list goes on...

ALL of the flavor of playing that class has been stripped into a face rolling mess, stick on target and watch for procs, the biggest crime here is fury and arms virtually play the same, i felt no more technique or finesse required when playing the class.... and once i got it to 90 it dawned on me.... i simply couldnt stomach it... then a week later when my monk hit 88, i come to relize how insultingly strong warriors were in the season. Being told by all my freinds why on earth did i jump ship, now is the best time then ever to play your warrior ect ect...

If anything, that was the biggest turn off in all my time playing this game, and being on the receiving end of warrior CD stacking damage, turned my stomach even more.... finally... just finally.... when my rogue partner and i lost a 2s match to an oceanic player on a warrior, who was rallying crying at 70 percent and pummeling a rogue randomly (thanks gladiator losa) , and sheild walling when above 50% i was officially done...

The satisfaction i get from playing this class is unrivaled, and while i can admit that i was allured to the DK when wrath launch exclusively based on hype for a new class... it wore off fairly quick and i got over it, this time around its really not just the excitement of a new class.. i know that much for sure. Im not going to talk up the "technique" or "skill" required to play the class as i dont believe there is anything fancy about it.... just in how it feels a bit more hands on then im used to which sits very well with me.

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