What was your main before?

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BC- Holy Pally
WotLK - Holy for Naxx/Uld, Ret after that
Cata - Had a lot of characters, Mostly warrior though.
Mop - Warrior for 2-3 weeks, then leveled monk. Never looked back.
TBC - Druid
Wrath - Druid
Cata - Paladin
MoP - Monk

I really dont enjoy any other class than a monk now... just wish Brewmasters had a little more incoming mitigation. Only gripe...
BC-resto druid
Wrath-resto druid then holy priest
Cata-shadow priest then resto shaman
MoP-MW monk
Vanilla: Priest (mostly heals)
BC: Priest (heals/shadow), Enh. Shaman (several alts)
Wotlk: Paladin (ret), more alts
Cata: Mostly Enh. Shaman, alts
MoP: Warlock (my only 90), and now likely monk. Trying to avoid additional alts. Taking a good while to get there, as I 'wasted' a lot of time getting the warlock from ~30-90, various other alts to ~87, and then realizing with so many people saying MoP isn't great for alts that I better pick something that can "do it all" just in case.

Except for my stint as an Enh. Shaman, I've tended to shy away from melee classes for group play. While I love them for soloing, in groups ranged has always had such a huge advantage (and I get 'lost' in the crowd as melee). However, I've forced myself to level mostly via dungeons as monk to immerse myself in the melee role and ensure I'm going to stick with it. The big win for monks is their mobility. That has cured many of the issues I had with melee classes in a group setting before. And I have heals/tanking in my back pocket should I desire to do so.

I don't often play a main, but when I do, I play monk.
Hunter from BC- start of Cata
Holy Paladin from Firelands to when terrace was released
Then MW got nerfed :(
Vanilla: Holy Paladin
BC: Holy Paladin
WotLK: Holy Paladin
Cata: Holy Paladin
MoP: Mistweaver ^_^ was fun while it lasted Safiel <3
Vanilla: Combat Rogue and Prot Warrior
BC: Enhance shaman and Shadow/Holy priest
WotLK: Blood DK and Prot paladin
Cata: Surv Hunter, Assassin Rogue, and Frost DK
MoP: Leveled and started gearing my Assassin Rogue, the decided to level my WW Monk.

As you can tell I love variety ;) I have every class between 85-90 but never played the others seriously.
Vanilla: Hunter(forget.. what spec I was.. I think I was a newby survival hunter who spec'd into the melee talent.. <.<)
BC: Mut Rogue! :D
Wotlk: Feral Druid
Cata: Combat / Mut Rogue

I use to love playing my rogue.. Now I can't stand getting on that class. I basically just use her for locked boxes that my raid team or I, send to her.
Vanilla - LK: Fury Warrior
Most of LK was DK, then switched back to warrior for ICC.
Cata - Warrior
MoP - switched back and forth for a few months, then decided on monk. Loving it.
Classic: Warlock
TBC: Rogue
WOTLK: Ret Pally
CATA: Prot Pally

Almost to 90 :)
Original main was a hunter, then Death Knight when they were released.

Now a monk =)
Vanilla- Hunter
BC Priest,Druid,Shaman
wotlk Shaman
Cata Mage, Priest, Hunter,
Mop Monk
This very mage since Day One.

MoP really smacked me in the face as a mage, then again so did Cataclysm when the class was mind-numbingly easy to the point Ice Lance spamming was actually viable. In BC I actually had to time my stuff to be effective with shatters.
Vanilla: Starcraft Brood War, Zerg
BC: Street Fighter 3 third strike
Wrath: Guilty Gear XX
Cata: Demo Lock/Persona 4 Arena
MoP: Mistweaver
Vanilla: Hunter PvE
BC: Hunter PvE, Rogue PvP
WoTLK: Ret Paladin PvP
Cata: Mage PvP (Whatever spec was currently considered OP lol)

Playing the Monk now because none of the other classes held my attention long enough. This is actually my second Monk this expansion. My first was a Brewmaster that I tanked Heroics with, but after getting frustrated with my limited playtime and never feeling like I would be "raid ready" I quit the game for 3 months and gave that Monk to my youngest brother. Now I'm back with full plans to push this one as far as I can in PvP (RBGs and/or Arenas) as a Windwalker.
BC Hunter then Prot pally
Wrath, all pally specs, then feral druid
Cata, Loved my Feral
MoP, Monk all the way

as i took a break because of playing any other less fun classes due to being so underpowered as a windwalker, 5.2 is coming and it looks a little bit more fair. Now im trying to hurry and get all the gear upgraded before 5.2 comes out.
Was a hunter. Really don't like what they did with them this xp. Added a bunch of fluff imo. Rotation was fine as it was, now I have to send birds out and big worms and throw glaives. Not to mention the cluster of stable pets sent out. On top of that non of theses cds are situational, its just hey spam off cd. Opposite on a monk I like to save my xuen for when my tiger's eye brews up, and save tiger's eye brew for hero, and save energizing brew for low energy, blah blah blah.

Perfect example of too much isn't always a good thing. Sorry for rant, still upset about it.
Expansion: Early / Late

Vanilla: MM Hunter / Fer(lol) Druid

TBC: Feral Druid / BM Hunter

WotLK: Frost DK / Balance Druid

Cata: Frost DK / Sub Rogue

MoP: WW Monk (1st 90) / Demo/Destro Lock (2nd 90) / Arms Warrior (3rd 90)
BC to Cata: Rogue
MoP: Monk

I feel like its a faster more exciting rogue.

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