Which is the better trinket?

Flashfrozen Resin Globule


Blossom of Pure Snow

For destruction warlocks? I like to pop dark soul and a trinket when I have 4 embers to maximise my damage from them.

With the blue I do 20,000 more damage on my chaos bolt(when i dont have any buffs) than I do with the epic.

However the epic's cooldown is 1min, so I can dump my embers every minute instead of 2 and a half, and I dont need to let dark soul be ready for 30 seconds while I wait for the 2min 30sec cooldown of the blue.

But, as said, the blue increases my damage of each bolt(without buffs) by 20,000.

The epic, the passive alone is quite a bit better, and crit in general is fantastic for destro locks.
02/05/2013 04:23 PMPosted by Cörn
The epic, the passive alone is quite a bit better, and crit in general is fantastic for destro locks.

For some reason the use doesnt have the correct numbers

The blue is 4559 int(cause i upgraded it)

the epic is 3595 crit

I think I have a way to figure out what is better...

The epic gives 1079 intellect all the time, for 25 seconds the flashfrozen gives 4995. Its cooldown when the use isnt active is 2min 5 seconds, or 125 seconds, 25seconds is 1/5 of that. Which is basically 999 intellect at all times. This isnt factoring in the crit use on the epic or the passive on the blue.

Might as well use the epic, that way I dont have to wait 30 seconds after dark soul cooled to use my trinket at the same time.
Its true, The Epic is better because as Destro crit increases damage of your chaos bolt. So the +int and crit is like double dipping on chaos damage. If you where affliction then the other one would be better, but as destro definately go for the epic.
Run Simcraft on your character and figure out which Passive+On use is better for your character. Int is always better, but crit is great for destro, although not as good as mastery(for my gear).

Basically just mutilply the stats by the weights you get from Simc and see which trinket give you the highest overall value. The blue trinket you posted usually sims pretty high for destro, especially considering you can stack it with a potion for your burst cycle. Stacked with a pot, the 9000ish int you get is better than pot + cit trinket. Askmrrobot is pretty good for valuing trinkets as well.

It really depends on the rest of your gear though. That's what Simcraft is for.

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