Holy priest for 10 man raiding?

So our priest keeps hinting that he wants to go holy, from disc. He says he feels more comfortable in disc, so what I am wanting to know is..... Would letting him go holy be a hindrance to our raid? Every log or ranking system I look at shows holy as severely
lacking compared to disc.
Current Comp
Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman
Disc priest.
Just due to the nature of absorbs, discs will be high on the meters. If he's more comfortable as holy, then it won't be a huge issue. I've raided as holy this entire expansion and it hasn't been a problem.
Nothing is wrong with holy, stronger in 25s than 10s though. You'll see disc priests tanked higher because most of the good priests are disc atm. Also right now there are so many fights where spirit shell can be perfectly timed, those absorbs never being overheals and giving other healers nothing else to heal.

Check out here:

Instead of looking at the top 100, I selected 'all parses'. In 25s holy is second in healing, behind disc of course. In 10s it's barely behind pallies. Holy is a great spec, there just isn't much reason to not be disc for now.
Disc is brokenly imba compared to holy atm, and laughingly OP in current fights.

No reason to play the "best" spec just because it tops meters. If someone switches specs to the bottom HPS/DPS in the game, if you're still killing bosses everything's gravy.
02/05/2013 05:14 PMPosted by Timopally
He says he feels more comfortable in disc

I don't know if this is a typo or what. He wants to go Holy because comfortable is boring? Or you meant to write Holy there?

Disc owns meters at the moment because absorption beats out every other kind of heal that can be done, and it scales ridiculously with Mastery until the patch. Disc will have little to no overhealing, assuming at least a minimal understanding of an encounter's mechanics. That's not to say other kinds of healers don't bring other things to the table, they just don't show up much in the presence of a Disc Priest that knows what they're doing.

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