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Anyone use to or currently play Dark Age of Camelot? Well whether you've been one of those clamoring for a sequel or wanting to tar and feather Mark Jacobs for past mistakes, got some news if you haven't heard it yet.

Caught a blog post on MMORPG.com that stated that Mark is working with City State Entertainment and preparing a kickstarter for a MMO called Camelot Unchained (working title). Looks like he may be trying to go back to his roots and improve.

Whether or not it will be any good is yet to be seen as there is little info. Personally not gonna be quitting WoW for some time but this may be an interesting one to watch in development.

DAOC two is

Elder Scrolls Online

Who is developing Elder Scrolls Online?

Zenimax Online Studios, a team of approximately 250 people, is developing Elder Scrolls Online, which has been in development for several years.[1]. ZeniMax was founded by Matt Firor from Mythic Entertainment, who developed Dark Age of Camelot.

It will be interesting to see which fails the most.

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