[A] Premedicated - 10man casual raiding LFM

Premedicated is a Level 25 Alliance guild residing on Aman’Thul looking for members to fill our 10 man team, and social members.

If we had to be pigeonholed, I would say that we are “interested raiders running on a casual schedule”. We all have jobs, lives and families outside of WoW and consequently cannot put in a 6 hour per night, 6 days per week effort.

When Mists hit, we experienced the natural attrition of guild members that seems to follow expansions, and therefore are not as progressed as many guilds. However - we are still here and looking to bounce back better than ever.

Currently we are looking to fill up our 10 man raid team with DPS and tanks, and round out the guild with social members who share our odd sense of humour, and our guild family vibe. So, if you’re coming back to Wow, looking for a place to raid that’s not screamingly “hardcore”, a place to raid with alts, or to simply to hang out with some good people - Premedicated may be the place for you.

While we may move through the content a little slower than others, we always have fun and respect each other. We feel that there is no point in playing the game unless you are enjoying the people you’re with. Our raid leaders and officers are not in the practice of screaming at people when they make mistakes, but we expect a certain level of personal responsibility and attendance. We gain great satisfaction from conquering bosses that we’ve worked hard as a team to beat, and would hope to move into hard modes this expansion.

We are trying to raid two nights per week (currently Wednesday/Thursday) from 8pm EDST to 10pm EDST. These times are subject to change based on people’s availabilities and flexibility. We also have a few PVP-mad members, along with the Pet-Battlers and Mount-Obsessed who are always happy to run things for Transmog and whatnot.

I can be contacted in game, or BTag Zgrok#1875
I'm interested in transfering to Aman'Thul. I recently started playing again so I'm just gearing up through LFR. I'll be playing most nights so i should be full LFR geared in not too long.

I'm holy and I work full time and have irl commitments etc, so I'm just looking for a casual raiding guild. I've played off and on since vanilla and would love to get raiding this patch.

My battletag is Reflex#1805

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