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MeRr Gaming is currently looking for a few more committed raiders to get our progression back on track. We have been through so many dps since the start of the expansion it is becoming kind of annoying...

We are a bunch of tight knit raiders that are very keen to progress through the rest of the normal content and push heroic MSV before 5.2 arrives. What we need from you is a good knowledge of your character and the commitment to turn up to raid nights knowing the fights we are working on and ready to go.

At the moment we are 2/6 heroic MSV 2/6HoF and 3/4 ToES.

Our raid times are as follows.

Thursday - 7.30-10.30
Sunday - 6.30-10.30
Monday - 7.30-10.30

We are currently looking for.

DPS Warrior (tank off spec would be great)
Priest (will consider heals or dps)

For more information or to apply please visit http://www.merrgaming.com.au/forum/12-world-of-warcraft/ or whisper me in game.
Bump, now 3/4 ToES
Bump for a priest heals and dps warrior
Still looking for that priest and warrior!

Also we're recruiting for a core heals and a dps spot on top of that. PM Goyil or Jaysong in-game for more info =)

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