Should we be able to use 5Hp to help us!!

This may not be help us at all and thats fine but I was just thinking when i am Prot I can stack 5 HP to maximize my word of glory with Bastion of Glory to give me a very big heal. I was wondering if something like that couldnt be applied to ret. and holy. I dont really play holy so they may have something but if not maybe that spec too.
Was thinking maybe 4hp gives us 35sec 5hp gives us 40 sec inquisition or if not the time spell maybe 5hp gives TV a bigger hit or maybe or some other secondary spell like Bastion stacking buff so like after 5 TV you have a spell stacked 5 times cast it and boom 250k , and the same thing with holy maybe 5 stacks and a massive aoe heal or single heal.
Like i said i play prot more but loving ret and thining of picking up holy just was thinking those might be fun to do something with 5Hp.
No. As soon as finishers scale up to 5 HP, it becomes mandatory to hold them until 5 HP. The extra two HP act as a buffer right now, and they do that job very well. There's absolutely no reason to change how they work.

PS: HP over 3 doesn't affect Word of Glory for any spec. Finishers only ever consume no more than 3 HP.
Welcome to a week-and-a-half-ago, Lobster. LOL
02/07/2013 04:04 PMPosted by Lobster
No! Change back. :(

I'm going to once the cooldown ends.
Okay forget holy power take that out of the factor ( and thanks for the correction btw )what if there was just a Bastion of Glory stack for ret and holy ????? So that when it stacks 5 times you get more dps or more heals out of a single spell. Just seems kind of unfair that prot has it and the rest dont.
The current Holy Power system does its job beautifully for the reasons Keten pointed out so please be so kind as to let this horrible idea die.
REREAD my second post i said leave the HOLY POWER OUT OF IT, and have a spell that works like bastion of glory so that secondary spell stacks to 5 you nail it with three and something else happens like more dps or more heals. Have it in Prot and works great so why couldnt ret and holy use something thats equivalent.
Okay i reworded this and put it in another thread thanks.
02/07/2013 03:17 PMPosted by Keten
it becomes mandatory to hold them until 5 HP

That's basically the Seal of Justice "buff" in a nutshell anyway.
02/07/2013 07:53 PMPosted by Blazeyheart
That's basically the Seal of Justice "buff" in a nutshell anyway.

Yeah...that's a really bad design and I hope it doesn't go live.

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