[H] Åscension is looking for a skilled tank

Earthen Ring
Åscension is looking for a Tank to join our ranks as we push on into tier 14 Heroics. Raid times are Tue/Thur 9:30-12:30 server. We have had the same tanking combo for the last 2+ years, sadly it seems my partner in crime is going to have a schedule change that will not allow him to make our raid times consistently. At this time we are looking for a skilled tank with the ability to swap to dps for fights requiring 1 tank. We will be considering any tanking class except Druid.

Things that are required from our raiders:

1.Good Attendance is a must, we keep a rather small group of raiders that improve those around them. So our raiders are asked to have a very high attendance rate.

2.Solid comprehension of ones class/role and the encounter we are facing. MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

3.Work well with others, as a team we pride ourselves on working hard to not only make the team but also continue to qualify to raid on the team. Good personality goes a long way in helping a team push through nights of wiping to learn a new fight.

4.Come prepared, Gems enchants flasks pots and role specific food should be in your bag and on your gear at all times.

If you are a tank on Earthen Ring or you are a tank looking to transfer to ER and you would like to join us in raiding heroic tier 14 content please whisper me in game.

Battle tag Thracken#1497

visit our site and fill out a recruitment form :)

Bump for good peeps.
Ty for the bump Malagon.

We are still looking to fill that tank spot on our team, so yeah tanks add my battle tag and get with me in game or through our site.

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