A few raiders looking for a new guild

Myself and 1-3 other players are looking for "semi" casual (I think?) guild that likes to raid and work on progression. Our previous guild stopped raiding activity so I decided to try this post and see what is out there.

Each of us have multiple level 90 alts with full MV clears and HoF clears past Garalon. Mostly DPS characters, but we also have geared healers and tank alts. Typically our dps on elegon at the end of fight is between 140k-190k for 10 man normal, depending on toon and correct spark kills, (I post this since guilds tend to ask this question).

Typically the pefect raid times would be anytime after 8:30pm server time (due to work scedule), and any days would do with that time frame.

Reply and I can try to contact you, or pm myself, Moi, Baconator, Oim or Prophesy!
Hello Parecon,

I'm Zeidridge and I lead one of the 10man teams for <Deities and Demigods>. Our team progressed at a decent rate before being stagnated about a month ago after RL issues hurt the attendance of our raiding core and forced my hand at restocking the team.

Our team falls within the "semi" casual perspective. We raid twice a week Mondays and Wednesdays at 9pm server.

If you or any of your other raiders are interested let me know and we can talk in game about any other details you might want to know.

Right now we are accepting exceptional applicants for any roll but our primary needs are a healer as well as a flexible dps with a tank OS, or a dps who offers the spell haste buff (Boomie, SP, Ele Shamman, Hunter (sporebat)).

Send me a PM or feel free to catch me in game if you're interested or if you have any questions, and if so feel free to fill out a quick app on our guild site (wowdad.net) Thanks!

This post seems to be a couple of weeks old, but here we go anyway!

Greetings Parecon. My name is Slayerprime and I am the GM and RL for Heart of Redemption. We are currently the #1 guild running 25 person content on the Dalaran server (which shocks me to say, and yet doesn't mean much). We are currently 6/6MV25, 2/6HoF25.

We do 3 official raids a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:00PM est to 11PM est.
We also do an unofficial 10 person progression raid on Monday nights 10PM to Midnight est.

Since we run a 25 person raid, HoR may have more of a chance to bring all 3 of you on board at once (if you are good DPS which is mostly what we still need). We aren't hardcore by any means, but we do invite to our raids based on performance, which I would be more then happy to discuss with you in-game or on vent. We are a large guild with 680 toons so we almost bring our guildies that old school vanilla wow feel. There is no logging on and seeing a nearly empty guild list with just 1 or 2 people online. As an example, we had 32 people show up tonight to our 25 person raid alone, with 40 people online. That's a tad busier then normal, but you get the idea.

Our website is http://www.heartofredemption.info/ and more information can be obtained at http://www.heartofredemption.info/information.html
Hey man I am looking to fill in a couple spots in my core team 6/6 mv and 3/6 hof we raid weds and thurs 8-11 server but i can probably work something out with you . I am also working on filling my second team that is 5/6 mv ad 1/6 Hof . So I think between the 2 raids i can work you guys in easy and work around when folks can make raids . Anyways just get in touch with me in game if you are want !
If semi casual is something you are desirous of in a guild, perhaps Dark Sun Knights may work for you. We raid on Tue/Wed from 8:40 to 11 pm and do other events the rest of the week (fun runs to older content, raids with other folks, etc). No pressure to be a raider if that is not your wish. If you see me in game and are interested, please send me a tell or send a tell to Brissanna, Buckwht, Nyteflower, or Zish.



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