Sub 90 class balancing

I have been leveling a DK. My plans have been to pvp my way to 90 in BG's, picking at quests along the way.

The issue I'm having is that in nearly full heirloom gear I have no chance what so ever at being competitive versus Paladins (i'm currently level 64). I often get killed in 3-4 hits and have not managed damage anywhere near this out of my DK. Not to mention my self heals offer around 30% from my pet, and death strike which might be around 10% here and there. Where as a Ret Paladin seems to be able to heal nearly to full with 1 flash of light. Add their Bubble and Lay on Hands and you have an impossible task for 1 DK to kill alone.

I've played this game a very long time off and on and consider myself proficient at most classes I have played having leveled a DK to max before. I'm certain I'm not missing any significant details of the class and it's playstyle.

I'm terribly disappointed that the balance between classes at any level below 90 has fallen to such a large gap. Does Blizzard have any intentions to level the playing field in the lower brackets? Or are we doomed to see lower level BG's flooded with Paladins. This really affects the enjoyment that I gain from leveling this particular character in the way I wanted to. And more importantly, creates an unfair environment based on class choice. Which as I understand goes against Blizzards direction for WoW.

a very disappointed player
they can't balance lvl 90s, what makes you think they could balance sub 90??
Take your DK blood. death strike does huge damage low levels.

Freeze your Xp at 62 (I think it's 62). Run outland dungeons until you get all the gear that has sockets in it; you should be able to get about 10 or 11 sockets. Buy all the Lich King gems you can, and put strength in every socket.

Turn xp back on and go into the queues, and enjoy one shotting people. Literally. You'll kill people in one hit. It's pretty hilarious.
Pretty sure blood boil actually 2 hits people, I went blood spec and just spread diseases/spammed blood boil and everything died.
I thought about going blood, but I've been planning to go unholy for 5.2. Thus, I plan to stick with unholy 100% to develop an aptitude with the spec. However, this character is really only going to be used for WPVP in raids of 10-20, and capping conquest of course.Now that I think about it, Blood may be the best spec for that.
I agree with the complete lack of balance low levels. I honestly don't think they're even trying to balance low level abilities/classes at all. They have made it clear that they want leveling and dungeons below level 85 to be incredibly easy. Healing is a complete joke before level 80. I leveled a holy pally up to 75 and all I really have to do is use a Holy Shock to instantly heal anyone from 20% to full every 6 seconds. It's ridiculous.
So, I swapped to Blood to try it out. I feel my damage mitigation actually got worse, I may have more heals but it only delays the inevitable a few GCD's while my diseases do the same damage they would if I was dead anyways. I cannot put any added pressure with the spec.

Blizzard, I want you to know that I feel this is bull!@#$. I pay money to you every month and you can't even maintain a system that's even near fair for me to enjoy leveling the way I want. It's not that I can't level my character to 90 easily, I could, but I wanted to level while PVP'n so I could gain experience with my class doing what I enjoy. Unfortunately, I'm having a very hard time enjoying any part of my deathknight. Every other class seems to have more significant self heals, where I have very little. Even my Blood spec can be solo'd by any healing class within 10 GCD's. I can't imagine a more broken system.

Again I'm full heirloom and a rather experienced pvp'r.

Oh, and why is it that I have heart strike, when blood boil OBVIOUSLY does 3x the damage even on a single target. This class is so broken I can't imagine paying people to do a job this poorly. I'm sure someones job is to balance classes, way to go.

Go frost
Use more blood boil, it's disgustingly effective at low levels.

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