Somewhat worried about my dps.

Been fury for a while now, and I don't know what's wrong with my gear. But I can't seem to get near 20% crit with my exp/hit being capped. Although I do have a Starshatter, I doubt that my arms dps would be any better. Currently doing around 60k on the first and second boss in reg HoF.
Any tips? or help on reforging since mrrobot is screwy with fury atm.

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For one, and I know this is probably not by choice, a lot of your gear has inherent haste on it, which is way less than ideal.
You might get more benefit from lower ilvl gear with base crit on it over haste.
Personally I've replaced some 509 gear with 502 and seen a clear difference.
you have a lot of badly itemized gear with haste on it is your problem. replace the darkmist trinket with the relic, get the VP bracers, try for the feet from Stone Guard, or buy the VP ones. thats more or less just a gear issue. get more pieces with baseline crit on it and you should see a boost. you are also slightly under caps, which outside of raids is fine but that could hurt dps a bit too.
Professions also add a substancial amount of crit. Blacksmithing+Skinning will give you around 1120 crit.
TLDR version: Just because its shiny and purple doesnt make it an upgrade. Haste is currently ~1/4 or less the value of anything but mastery and less then half of mastery.

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