"Yep. Frost is a lot better than Ret. I'm not trying to suggest otherwise. I just think that those saying the Sac change isn't potent are wrong. It's a huge buff to Ret utility."

BLIZZ- Yeah, we agree. It's not "Ret mandatory on every 3s team" good, but I think you can understand why we wouldn't want that.

We are considering some other buffs to Ret still. We don't know yet if we will do any or all of these (they are emphatically not promises) but the kind of thing we are considering:

- Glyph of Blessed Life -- no longer requires Seal of Insight. You can have any Seal or none active, which puts the glyph in Ret's hands.
- Glyph of Templar's Verdict -- damage reduction triggered by Exorcism (or both) instead. That way you aren't choosing TV over a heal.
- Light's Hammer -- also snares targets it damages while in range. This one potentially buffs Holy too, but we're not sure that many Holy paladins would give up Prism to take it.

Does this mean we will always have the heal from soi and we can still use truth, im confused
Where is this from?
MMO Champion
I'd imagine it's that you gain the effect of the glyph without having a seal requirement.
The forums (damage dealing, PTR, arena) are full of really good Ret discussion and suggestions...why do these things seem so arbitrary?

Much better suggestions have been floating for months.
I actually like the seal of insight suggestion, the others are kind of.. meh..

I personally hardly ever use SOI, it does absolutely nothing for me while Im getting trained.

3.5k heal when I hit them? are u serious? And word of glory is buffed by 5%...

Its completely useless and it mine as well go in with seal of truth. Even this its still only a slight buff, considering dks can sit in blood pres. and take 10% less damage at all time, warriors in Def. Stance taking 15% damage at all times. Shadow priest taking 15% less damage. I mean the list goes on.

I would welcome this but we will still get trained.

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