Ele/Resto Shaman looking for good [H]ome

Earthen Ring
Newly transferred Shaman looking for a new place to call home. Primarily looking for a not quite hardcore progression guild, 10 or 25 man with raid times starting between 9 and 10pm server and ending between Midnight and 1 AM. Nearly every day open, but prefer no more than 3 times a week.

Ilevel 488/481, with 10/16 normal experience (25 man). Have been raiding since BC on various characters, with raid leading experience through LK and the beginning of Cata.
why would you transfer to this server if you want to raid :(
Hey Hex,

Ignis Solus could really use a Shaman, but our times are just a tad bit outside of what you say you'd prefer. If you'd still like to check us out, you can pst me @ Battletag Zithra#1744.

We are looking at Sunday - Wednesday, but times are not yet 100% decided from 7 - 11pm server
Thanks for the reply Zithra. Sounds great, but unfortunately I don't get off of work until 8 server then travel time home. I appreciate the reply :)
Server: Earthen ring
So good they named an expansion for us!

Cataclysm is one of the long standing horde based guilds on Earthen Ring. We've been in business for almost eight years now with no plans to stop. We are a raid focused guild that is currently fielding 10-man teams. We're currently looking for recruits of all classes and specs.

Our raids are scheduled between Tuesday through Monday. 8:45pm EST start time going to about midnight. Loot is handled through the EPGP system with players being awarded EP based off of the time they have committed towards raiding. Our raiding policy isn't strict, we don't require you to attend 100% of raids. Above all, real life is handled first!

We have a unique atmosphere that caters to the skilled, mature gamer. The guild is split into casual players who enjoy leveling toons and immersing themselves in gchat, to the highly skilled players who like to grind out new content. We have something for everyone.

Guild Leadership

The guild is managed by a team of officers who are committed to striking a happy balance between progress, enjoyment and real life. We are not only open to, but really want your suggestions and involvement in the health and progress of the guild. If you have any questions or concerns, contact any of the officers in-game or through this website by private message.

The current officers are:
Lagunel (GL)

How we handle loot

Our goals with our loot rules are to get EVERYONE geared as quickly as possible, as fairly as possible. The sooner every raiders is geared, the quicker and further the entire guild progresses!

Cataclysm uses the EP/GP (Effort Points/Gear Points) loot system for our Official Raids. Of all the systems we've tested, we find it's the most fair, reliable and most straight-forward. Loot is awarded Main Spec first, going to the bidder with the highest PR (Point Ratio). If no one wants an item for Main Spec, it then goes to the person with the highest PR but no gear points are charged. That means off-spec is free loot that doesn't affect your EP/GP PR.

You can read more about the EP/GP Loot System here.

Required add-ons for Raiders

There are some add-ons we ask all raiders to have. The primary example being EPGP since it is required for loot distribution. We will link to them on Curse.com for ease and to be sure it's is exactly the correct one, but use whichever download site you prefer. Here's the add-on list:

Required for Raiders
EPGP (core)
EPGP Lootmaster
Deadly Boss Mods -or- BigWigs (Boss fight information and situational awareness)
Mumble (Chat client used during raids - or to just socialize)

Recommended for Raiders
GTFO (combat alerts)
Recount (statistics)
A good healing Raid frame (Vuhdo, healbot, grid, etc) (For all Healers)

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