Good Pants to go with Judgement set?

I guess I like the judgement dress and all but I was wondering if there are any good PANTS alternatives. I once saw a pvp leg piece I believe that matched well with it but I can't remember the name. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
get mogit addon and look through the pants option while wearing eveyrhing else and see what matches most
How about Judgement pants.
I use these.
I'm wearing this crap..
Need to change myself..
Never get the bloody leg drop
Maybe the tier pants from Firelands?
^ Tier helm + shoulders + pants = so good.
02/01/2013 11:15 PMPosted by Oblivion
Maybe the tier pants from Firelands?

It's what I use when I want to put that set on since I can't get the T2 legs off Rag and it seems to work pretty well IMO

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