Rated Battleground Suspension Update

How will you know who gets their rating restored?
02/02/2013 04:28 PMPosted by Krexen
You guys take rating from and ban my rank 1 multi glad on multi toons Guild Leader but let this guy slide? ****us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Lavarain/simple

I like that he got every rank on the same day.

02/02/2013 08:05 AMPosted by Uptowngirl
Strip gear or this is pointless

Permanent bans, imo. Let cheaters know that cheating is a lose-lose situation. Enough of this horses**t hand slapping.

I don't care if they perma ban, to me they shouldn't, it is bad for overall growth of the game, but def strip the gear from these people. if gear stays, then blizz is showing that there isn't a reson not to cheat. and that is sad. all the people streaming obivious infractions, well, maybe blizz doesn't watch streams...
Wow. Just wow.

Not only did you give wrist-slap suspensions to people, but not remove their gear or achievements, you're now in the process of reinstating ratings to people.

I'm considering this post written permission from blizzard to win trade next season. I look forward to taking a 3 day in exchange for getting my gear weeks in advance of other players.
The mom of all the staff involving in the mistake are executed because they were seen having affair with another man.
After 5 days, these staff received a call, telling them that the execution was a mistake, and their mom will get compensation on their next life.

Thank You
blizzard should remove their t2 aswell. Because they're stuck in 1800+ mmr with t2 and wipe the team who against them. it doesnt make any sense. t1 vs t2 with same mmr.
Check out your own PvP ladder of top RBG players, sorted by wins (low to high).


If your crack team can't figure this out with it staring you right in the face, I don't know what to say.

^ This. So many OBVIOUS win traders that DIDNT get reset! The amount of fail from Blizz on this issue is astounding.
Why are any of you surprised? They did this with the DC rollback exploit and blanket banned MANY people who didn't even partake including my friend. And his appeals were turned down saying its conclusive. Their investigations are a joke and don't take place at all.

Worse being the DC rollback exploit was perm account closure

Ooo, stumbled upon Grafix randomly looking through wow forums. Any luck on the ban yet?
Bahaha. What a total joke. Blizzard, you are and always have been absolutely pathetic in your enforcement and punishment of cheaters.
I have a list with about 20+ people on my server that win trade and they arent banned -.-
Why do obvious Cheaters get to keep T2 Weapons ??

Blizzard - By letting the Obvious Cheaters Keep their weapons only proves this is turning out to be a Comedy of Errors on your behalf.
On one hand some legit and well known people have been wrongfully accused of win trading while the clearly obvious cheaters are getting away with a Major Exploit and laughing at you.

Please Blizz remove the weapons .. If myself and other posters here, using the basic web interface can find 100's of the cheats (just look at how many RBG games they have played for 2k+ rating and it stands out who Cheated) then surely you staff could spend the time to do the same.

Oh and the person who wrote the script to catch the wintraders is a fail who should never program again .. It DID NOT work !
Lets hope next season is better
As you play with people for over a year you get to know them. Long story short I know a guy who never could have gone above 1800 in arenas and barely hit 2k being dragged there. In RBGs we played for months, and he always trailed behind, but he never got above 1900.

One night I woke up and he had played the entire night with people from a different server and hit over 2600. He's still over 2600, he still has t2, and all the achieves.

with a win loss ratio of 50%.

Look I'm sorry but you didn't catch everyone, and you certainly didn't punish *any of them. This is incredibly frustrating.
Why are any of you surprised? They did this with the DC rollback exploit and blanket banned MANY people who didn't even partake including my friend. And his appeals were turned down saying its conclusive. Their investigations are a joke and don't take place at all.

Worse being the DC rollback exploit was perm account closure

>After following purposeful steps using inscription, an item was duped and then you dc'd.

When you logged back in you had a duped item that would dupe other items when placing it over something else.

It copied items. (Dupe)

> Your friend got perma-banned for creating a bugged item that would dupe or make another copy when laying it on top of items--not for simple dc'ing.
He Bash,

Earlier this week, several player accounts were given short suspensions and had their ratings wiped for being involved in Rated Battleground win-trading. Upon further review, we determined that some of the players initially identified as cheating may not have purposefully participated in the exploitive behavior, and as a result, we're in the process of lifting suspensions and restoring ratings to all but the most egregious offenders. This process should be completed following the Tuesday maintenance.

As always, our goal is to identify cheaters while making sure people playing by the rules aren't inadvertently penalized. Rest assured that we'll continue to take action against players who aren't competing in the spirit of fair play.

Any chance of a Blue explaining the logic behind allowing the Organised Exploiters/Cheaters to keep their ill-gotten T2 weapons ??

Reasons why they should not keep the weapons:

1. The main reason is that they were acquired using an expoit which is a perma-bannable offence. This reason alone should be enough to strip players of their weapons.

2. These players will now have a huge advantage going into next seasons pvp. I am not talking about the leet pvp'rs they will always get ahead of the pack in rating and deserve it. But the cheats who could never get 2.2k and then exploited the system to get there will now outperform those who never cheated only because that weapon is so powerful over normal conq one. I mean all they have to do is wave that weapon and bang enemy is dead ! (kidding ofcourse but 20iL's higher than conq piece you know what I mean)

3 ..... If anyone else want to add more reason feel free to do so
Like gj with those wintrader bans I think you guys got maybe 10% of the wintraders at best. Your heuristic model is terrible, do something about it.

Also why let these crappers keep their weapons? I see backpedaling T2 wielders all too frequently. Take the weapons and give them flowers. Maybe then I'll show them mercy.

Prime example of a wintrader (base your heuristic model on this);


1100-2400 in 2 days, off less than 20 games
Keeps titles
Has T2, rest of gear is abominable
No arena achievements to speak of, no notable PvP experience

Like really? You allow all these filthy wintraders to keep their weapons and gear? Out of all those you banned you caught a tiny sliver of the total offenders. At the very least equalise* all weapons at the end of the season so the bads don't have an unnecessary advantage. I'm sure that those who have legit achievements will excel as they deserve, without any advantage.

*to T1 malevolent
What a joke honestly learn to manage your own game you ignorant idiots.
So only the people who got this apology email get rating restored? What about if you played in the meantime and got rating?
Really no Blue Reply as to why they are allowed to keep the T2 Weapon ?

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