Rated Battleground Suspension Update

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Earlier this week, several player accounts were given short suspensions....

...And there lies your problem.

"Short suspensions" for purposely manipulating rankings, repeatedly breaking multiple ToS rules and in general throwing the whole RBG scene in to disrepute?

This is why you keep having these problems! It is obvious RBG is barely treated with a fraction of care and quality of workmanship that Arenas are but this is pathetic even by those shoddy standards. Blizzard really needs to man up and send a strong message that PvP exploitation of any means is unacceptable and hand out meaningful punishments. Until you guys put the fear of a righteous god in to these cheats and exploiters, your "competitive" PvP scene will continue to be tarnished and devalued.
can sum1 explain to me wat exactly is win trading?
I do NOT want to promote it at all, but given the availability of explanations on other sites I don't think an explanation here will change much. For the purpose of discussion: win-trading is when 2 teams (20 people) queue up against each other over and over and trade who "wins" each game, but use glitches and break rules to increase the odds to play against the other team. When they know they are fighting the other team, they further glitch/cheat to not lose rating when they lose but gain rating when they win. Since they only play against each other, their mmrs eventually equalize allowing them to get tons of points for each "win" they trade.
Why doesn't bilzzard just look at peoples win losses and send bans out that way... for example someone who is 2800 rated but has a win loss of 8-8... HMMM IM PRETTY SURE THATS A WINTRADER... its not rocket science anyone with eyes can tell if someone is a wintrader just by their rbg record alone in 90% of cases.

This guys is perfect in RBG. WoW you think its possible. Please report him, get him banned, stop the cheaters.
Out of nowhere a bunch of 3500 rbgers appeared this last week, and I know for a fact a few people are wintrading to around 2550-2600 to look less suspicious. As someone who ques with abn, nobody above 2600 is legit, and nobody ques above 2300 mmr right now, making 2750 impossible. Please don't repeat last season where Hero was 2550 instead of its normal 2400 due to wintraders.

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