Suggestion: Ret PvP and PvE

Here is my fuel for the fire. Please feel free to add your own.

Hand of Shortedness
- Buff current hands utility to promote teamwork.
  • Hand of Sacrifice to a weaker Dark Bargain type spell or up to 50% migration.
  • Hand of Freedom add Stun removal when cast on self as Ret with longer cooldown. Movement speed increase when cast on friendly player.
  • Hand of Salvation add a Ring of Peace type spell shield for the next 1 physical or magic attack if cast on friendly player for 6 seconds.
  • Hand of Protection to 50/50 damage and magic reduction. When glyffed 20/20 and target can attack.
  • - All hands cause Forbiddance
  • This will help to stop clemency spam or Lay on Hands combo. Each hand should feel like a situational choice and not an easy fire and forget button.
  • Squeaky Wheels of Justice
  • Reliable and sustained damage issues.
  • - Rets are steamrollers in the winter. Slow to start up with a 3-4 second stall. Reduce Exorcism and Judgement cooldown or increase Dots.
    - Make Divine Purpose baseline for Rets. 20% Art of War is boring
    New Talent - Judgements of Ancient Command
    -Empower your Judgement while Guardian of Ancient Kings is active, reducing cooldown to 3 seconds and increasing its damage by 25%. Also passively grants the additional effects at all times.
  • Judgement of Truth - Judgement damage x stacks again. Up to 25%
  • Judgement of Righteousness - Judgement damage splits between all targets within 8 yards.
  • Judgement of Insight - Can be used on Friendly target as healing instead.
  • Judgement of Justice - Has a 20% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds.
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