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Now a lot off ppl have been complaining about How Spryo and Crash and not in the game.. However there are several chars that deserve a spot in the series as well. Here are a few I want to see.

Dart from Legend of the Dragoon.

LotG was the FIRST turned based RPG to ever hit the PS series. It was the only game in the PS series to come with multiple disks. Dart, along with Spyro, Crash, and Sir Dan were the founding fathers of the PS series. As such he deserves a spot among the All-Stars

Alex Mercer from Prototype

Now Alex Mercer seems like the perfect fighter for All Stars. He has the brute strength to go toe to toe with powerhouses such as Kratos and Sweet Tooth, but at the same time the agility to keep up with agile characters like Sly Cooper and Cole ((ppl can also settle the age old question of who would win in a fight between Alex Mercer and Cole))
Now some people may point out that Alex Mercer is not PS exclusive .....well neither is Big Daddy but yet there he is..

Feel free to add to this list

LotG was the FIRST turned based RPG to ever hit the PS series.

Nope, I don't know what the first was, but I know for a fact that Suikoden, Wild Arms, and Final Fantasy 7 are all before it, and honestly while Dart is pretty cool he isn't all that iconic do to the game being really underrated. As far as ps1 rpg characters go, Cloud would get the spot way before him especially if they want to sell DLC, which is rather sad since he isn't even the coolest.

That being said, honestly I wouldn't mind seeing all the cool characters from every game on All Stars. You know....seeing as how you would think the game with that title would actually have ALL the STARS from ALL the games, lol. Id say throw in the main cast from all the FF games, KH games, platformers, shooters, whatever. Throw them all in and go wild imo. It's a party game anyway, so I don't even care if they aren't balanced. I'd just like to kick some butt with my favorite characters.
Yeah, Legend of Dragoon came out less than 2 years before the PS2 came out. It also wasn't the only game to have multiple disks. And the game isn't called Legend of THE Dragoon either.
I'd love love love to see a representative from the legacy of kain series make the cut, Kain or Raziel, I can see either one working since they fight in similair ways when you get down to it.

I wouldn't say they should both be in and be proper rivals since right now it's one character per game and a stage from said game.

As for rivals, hrmm, hard to say, considering the running theme they'd face off against someone all to similair to themselves (Kratos and Sweet tooth), against a comedic character since they're so serious (Dan and Radec) or based off of something related to the developers/owners (Ratchet and Jak, New Dante and Nariko)
LoG was EPIC same with Prototype

I mean they should both be allowed in the game


Dart will be mainly around combos pressing a button at the right time will boost the AP production of the strike

Tier 1 super: Shana appears and fires a single arrow that kills the first foe it hits

Tier 2 Super: Dart Tranforms into the fire Dragoon and flys whichever way he is facing, killing any foe he touches, until he hits a wall

Tier 3 super: Dart is infused with the Power of the Divine Dragon. He can then move feely aorund the stage klling foes with his sword, the Divine Dragon Gun, and the Divine Dragon Canon

Alex Mercer

Alex mercer is all about adapting. He can switch between his virus powers at will each one bringing a whole new playstyle to him For example his claws will be fast weak attacks while his hammerfists will be slow but powerfult AOE attacks

Tier one super: Dashes forward, grabs a foe, and consumes him

Tier two super: Mercer summons a Brawler to the stage, Mercer is then free to move while the Brawler runs around insta killing people

Tier 3 super: Mercer uses a Devistator to kill all foes on screen.

Dart and Mecer would also make perfect rivals

1 they are both centered around the color red

2 both are average Joes who are gratned a great power

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