Been Stuck on Garalon for 4 Weeks now.

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I've finally decided to come here after being stuck on this boss for a while. We have improved steadily over the weeks, from wiping at 50% to now wiping at 10% and sometimes hitting enrage timer. at around 10%.

I wanted to ask you guys, what are we doing wrong?

Is it healers dps or what? I think it's partially heals and partially dps, but I don't know.

Here are our WoL.

If you guys could help, I'd be grateful.
Looks like all your damage is coming from Pheromones

Stolen from icy-veins:

You must understand the debuff that Garalon applies, since this is the key to the encounter. When engaged, Garalon will cast Pheromones Icon Pheromones on the player that pulls him. He only casts this debuff once, but it will remain active for the entire duration of the fight. Pheromones has several effects.

While Pheromones is active (so, always), it will constantly deal a small, yet increasing amount of Nature damage to the entire raid, every 2 seconds.
Garalon fixates on the player who is currently carrying Pheromones, and moves towards them.
The player who is currently carrying the Pheromones is affected in two ways.
They receive a stacking debuff, called Pungency Icon Pungency, which increases the damage that Pheromones Icon Pheromones deals (to all raid members), by 10% of its base damage, per stack. Pungency lasts for 2 minutes in 10-man, 4 minutes in 25-man, and 20 seconds in LFR. A new stack is applied every 2 seconds, and in LFR, the stacks are capped at 20.
They leave a trail of damaging void zones behind, called Pheromone Trail Icon Pheromone Trail.
Pheromones can be passed on to a different player, simply by coming into contact with them. This is to say, when the player currently carrying the debuff comes within 2 yards or so of another player, the debuff will move to the new player.

The damage of Pheromones is reset to its base value each time the carrying player changes. So, for example, if the player currently carrying the debuff has 10 stacks of Pungency, then Pheromones will deal 100% extra damage to all raid members. When the debuff passes to a new player (who has no stacks of Pungency), Pheromones will deal its base damage to all raid members (including to the player with the Pungency stacks). Therefore, the damage that the raid takes from Pheromones will have a predictable pattern of low-medium-high-low.

If, however, a player who already has stacks of Pungency takes the debuff when it is passed on, Pheromones will deal its damage based on this player's stacks of Pungency.

If the player currently carrying the debuff dies, the debuff will remain on their corpse, and its number of stacks will continue to increase. If this happens, someone has to move over to the player's corpse and take the debuff from them just as they would if the player were alive.
This is how my guild first did it:

We swopped pheramones at 18-20 stacks
The people doing pheramones was healer>hunter>other healer>warlock
We did healer dps healer dps so we would always have two healers doing there job instead of swopping the pheromones. We found we had issues when two healers swopped pheromones and people died due to less heals as they switched. We used hunter and warlock because they can dps and move. We started with a healer as to increase dps at the start with lust. The first person to get pheramones just ran around the dge with out stopping as to avoid the cleave while the boss was still moving quickly when he still had legs up.

Our third healer was a disc priest who just stood in the middle of the room with the other range and focused the bosses body.

Mele were on legs without any range helping them. While range might get a dps boost by standing under the legs and dpsing aswell it will result in the mele doing less as they will have less up time on the legs because they die faster. So range stay on body.

We had one tank use dps gear as to increase dps. We only had one has we found that the tanks taking extra damage made it harder on heals. Tanks need to be sure to get hit by every cleave so he doesnt get the frenzy buff. Make sure tanks are dpsing front legs.

We used lust at start. Mele kept killing legs till the boss was below 3% hp. Make sure every one uses flasks and food. Be sure to pre pot and then use the pot again at soem point preferably when dps cds are up again and you are on boss.
with a 4 person rotation you only need to go to 20 stacks. in your logs it looked like you went 22-25.

or you could try 5 people and do 15 stacks a few times.
Dks can also spread diseases from the body to all the legs for a slight boost. Your dk tank can probably do a fair bit more than 20k dps. And get tanks to use dps flasks.
It looks like you have a DK tank soaking the cleave? Does he have a dps spec? When we did this fight we actually had no one in a tanking spec. 3 heals (Shaman pally and holy priest) with our pally tank (spec'd ret) and our warrior tank (spec'd.... fury i think) soaking it. They also were responsible for taking a turn at kiting pheromones (it is a dps loss on their part but since their dps gear is worse it allows the other people to get a better uptime on the boss instead of having to worry about kiting). In a dps spec he will take more damage but that's just something your healers will have to live through.

We also had a resto shaman who was responsible for keeping up the pheramones people and the tanks. This allowed me and the pally to focus on the raid (except for when i had to cover the tanks for pheramones.

I can't tell but it also looks like you are popping hero when we did. We popped it right at the beginning after we killed the legs we wanted to. It also looks like you are having your ranged dps focus on killing the body since they don't have a particular high uptime on the weak points debuff. This is good since it allows your melee to get a better advantage of it (since they have to be up close anyway).

Without a little more detail on your strat it is more difficult to see what you could do different but it looks like you are so close to a kill that it might be more trouble to change anything too significant (especially if you are hitting the enrage). Make sure your dps is doing everything the can to maximize their dps while at the same time making things easier for their healers.
We use 3 healers/1 dps to kite the pheromones. When one healer has the debuff they only worry about healing themselves, while the other 2 raid heal. When it goes healer>dps the next healer in line heals the kiting dps, while the other two healers raid heal. This lets the soakers/dps have almost constant uptime on the legs and body.
I'm the Resto Sham from Ward's WoL.

Our Strat is to have Melee focus one side, Range focus the opposite side of legs at start, lusting once pheromones has been placed on designated person, downing legs asap.

Once legs are killed, range will soley focus body while melee will focus legs>body, allowing cleaves.

Resto shaman, being a stronger single target healer then spread aoe, focuses on swipe tanks. The blood DK does not have a dps off spec. Druid backs up on tanks if needed, but more focus on range. 3rd healer focuses soley on raid damage, mainly melee.

Rotation for pheromones is Blood DK>Resto Sham>Hunter>Resto Druid>Blood DK

We normally were going for a "call out at 17 stacks, switch at 20" rotation. But on our closest attempt last night, the blood dk switched and had pheromones at 42 stacks, meaning he switched before his debuff wasn't clear before he took it. At the time, I was hyped up on nyquil(flu sucks) and said lets go to about 22 to give us more time between the stacks so that doesn't happen again, not realizing that its still 2 minutes regardless the stacks.

One of my side concerns, but a major one still, is our hunter has constantly been low DPS. We had a hunter previous to him that was top DPS in less gear so its really frustrating to see one that low.

Thanks for any help and advice and hope that helps you help us! Cheers~
I haven't looked at your WoL, but from what Meko says, it sounds like your ranged could do more damage to legs.

For example: as a Shadow Priest on Garalon, I make sure to have my best movement-speed talent so I can rush to the legs as they come up no matter where they are. I save my DPS procs/ CDs so that I can use them while standing in the "leg zone" and I never DPS Garalon (outside of DoTs) while a leg is up.

On our last Garalon kill, the top several DPS all did about 55% of their damage to legs and 45% of their damage to Garalon himself. Here's the log:

One of those top DPS is our Hunter; I don't speak Hunter, but maybe something in the log helps on that matter.

The idea is to kill one leg every 30 seconds, assigning as few people as possible to attack them. Ideally, melee since they can attack the legs and move with the boss without suffering a dps loss. As long as there are never 4 legs up and then 30 seconds pass, you're not "losing" dps via legs.

If you have ranged helping on the legs and the legs are dying fast (say, ~10 seconds) then it's an overall dps loss on the boss himself. It goes without saying no one should ever attack the leg unless they are inside the circle.

Even moving between legs is potentially a dps loss for most people, since running around the boss (dodging the pink circle) can cause people to do less damage. Exponentially worse for rdps for obvious reasons.

It also helps to leave the front leg inside the wall alive as long as possible, until the boss is sub-10% or so, the point where it's the last leg to die before the boss dies.

Realistically, you want as LITTLE dps as possible on the legs, this means as FEW people assigned to attacking them as possible, while still killing them before respawn timers.
Yeah, we only have 2 melee on legs, not counting the people tanking the cleave.
One, switch your dk to dps spec, he's not doing enough damage in tank spec. Two, soak with the rogue using feint not the Warrior, less damage taken. Three, five man rotation is the way to go. Swap around 15 (really whenever the stacks drop on the next person and everyone has enough health to survive smash). Your team is suited to a 3 healer rotation with the Lock and Hunter. Rotation will probably be Hunter > Lock > Healer 1 > Healer 2 > Healer 3 repeat. You will take less damage over the course of the fight. I noticed that a lot of people are dying to crush, make sure the healers know when a swap is happening and have them top everyone off. Also make sure only the rogue and your plate dps of choice stands in front of the boss at all times.
Your combat rogue is doing terrible, he should probably be top DPS. Pop Blade Flurry, target a leg, stand between leg and boss, profit.

Also, ignore the left legs, only kill the right ones. As long as you kill one every 30 seconds you aren't losing DPS. If the rogue has a single second where both right legs are dead and Mend is up, your raid is losing DPS. Legs are a limited resource to utilize as efficiently as possible.

As others have said, the bulk of the damage needs to go on the boss - think of it like Gara'jal. Yes, you need to kill the adds, but not at the expense of boss damage. And again as others have said, do 5 people at 15 stacks or 4 people at 20 stacks - if you go higher than those numbers raid damage really increases.
A lot of the dps issues on this fight comes from people not understanding how the legs work in regards to overall DPS. They see a 100% buff and go, "Oh, I need to blow it up so my DPS looks great on recount!" That hurts your overall DPS. You only want to blow up legs to slow Garalon down I.E. the start. After that, if you never have more than two legs up, you want only specs/classes that can cleave to be in the circle attacking the legs. People who can multi-dot, should dot it up, but never should, say, a shadow priest or warlock go into the leg area itself and attack it with their single target abilities. Everyone without a cleave needs to use their single target rotation on Garalon itself.

The only reason anyone without a cleave would DPS the legs in their circle would be to help get the legs down if you are going back up to 3 legs because your cleavers are falling behind.

Do that and you will notice a drastic raid DPS increase. Yeah, some of your DPS wouldn't have "leet" numbers anymore, but it helps the raid as a whole.
On attempt 2 you wiped about 40sec before the enrage (allowing for the time he takes to start casting and cast it). If you hadn't wiped and DPS'd at the same rate you would have had a 2% wipe.

As others have said, your DPS can improve:
  • Huntard did 10.7M on legs and 11.1M on body - big fail, he should be focusing the body except for the initial burst. By comparison the warlock did 2.6M on legs and 28.5M on body.
  • Rogue is using Crimson Tempest all through the fight: monster fail , Eviscerate should be used (with Blade Flurry active). CT is for 5+ mobs.
  • Blood DK can change spec.
  • 3 of your raiders used burst pots, and 4 of them prepotted. This could be another 5% to have the whole raid using two pots.
  • We can't see from the logs but it's a fair guess that the hunter either lost a ton of DPS time by following weak spots, or shot legs while not being in Weak Spot.

    If your melee can't actually kill a leg by the time another one spawns (hopefully the DK changing spec fixes this ), have the warlock DoT the legs (without moving into weak spot).
    Thank you for pointing out the dps loss in Crimson Tempest, I was only using it for the dot effect on the boss. From now on I'll be Eviscerating.
    There is no need 500k dps as a raid to down this, I see 483k in your logs. Tell your priest to also dump is Penance on the boss, it should cover the difference. That and your hunter dps.. he should be doing a lot more even if kiting.

    Then again, maybe he can't, I have always used 2 tanks on this fight so I have no idea how is the healing without tanks.
    When we did it on normal, we ran with myself in tank spec as well as our dps warrior soaking cleaves.

    Melee dps legs as a priority, ranged focus the boss unless his furthest legs are up so melee don't really have to move.

    Tank+soaker work on front left leg whenever it comes up.

    If he is sitting at like 2-3% or less and about to enrage, have someone run under him right as the timer hits 1-2 seconds and he'll do a normal crush before enraging, buying you a few more seconds of dps time which may make the difference in killing one last leg.
    We just have our tanks start off with it in normal and heroic so the strategy doesn't change for us at all and allows the DPS to spend more time on legs at the beginning of the fight when we lust. (feel free to steal my map drawings for your own personal use)

    The difference in 10s and 25s and normal and heroic is on normal you can go up to 20 stacks, having the person who has them call out around 15.

    Our melee always stay on the back two legs and then body if no legs are up in the back. Tanks handle the front two legs.

    We use a warlock or hunter to pick up the pheromones from the tank since hunters can disengage away and warlocks can drop a lock portal for them to go to as needed if they are too close to cleave.

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