[H] 499 Disc/Holy LF Guild CAN'T Raid Mon/Wed

Pretty much just the title. I am an experienced Disc/Holy priest looking for a new guild. Interested in raiding but I cannot raid on Monday or Wednesday.

I am strongly considering transferring to Blackrock, hoping to find a good guild before I make the move.

You can contact me in game or respond to this post. Thanks!

Battletag: Oankali#1132
<Therapists> We are a 25 man guild that are currently 5/16 heroic which is not to far away from where you are currently progressed. We are in need of a good disc priest for our core group.

We raid Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday 8:15 p.m. PST to 11:15 p.m.. We are willing to work around your schedule as you could still be there Tuesday and Thursday.

I sent you a battletag friend request.

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