Dear Stormrage Alliance Side

I am Looking for a Hardcore Raiding guild with some bad !@# progression

I have raided Heroic DS when it was current

I have a 475 SV hunter and 475 Affy Lock to bring to the table

The Current Guild I am with is tooo casual to my liking, and I wish to actually see Heroic Content before this patch is done with.

Shoot me a Comment on here or come to Wyrmrest Accord Alliance Side and ingame mail me. I am Willing to xfer one or both of these toons with alts to follow
primal of stormrage is currently seeking both a hunter and a lock to join our roster we are currently 13/16 and have been raiding together for a while. we raid mon/tue/wed from 10P-1A EST which is also the server time we plan to dive right into throne of thunder when 5.2 lands in 3 weeks feel free to add me to battle tag shadowflare#1742 for a more in depth talk
You poor are on only Horde toons are on that server....I haven't played Horde in a very long time.

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