Any LATE night raiding guilds? (12:30am+)

Area 52
Hey guys. I'm a 491 Ret Pally with a 484 Affliction Warlock alt looking to get into doing some real raiding. I've done all the LFRs many many times but my 2nd-shift work schedule has made it hard to find a home where I can get a real raiding opportunity. I'm looking to join a raiding guild or regular raiding group that raids at 12:30am server or later during the week and/or 10:30pm server or later on Saturday and Sunday. I have yet to do any Normal raids in MoP due to my schedule but I'm a quick learner and a damn good listener and just looking for an opportunity. Post here or shoot me a message in game if you can help me out! :) Thanks!
Bump :)
One more try. :)
We will be xferring to Area 52 in the next few days and raid 3a-6a est tue/wed/thurs night. We will, however, need to rebuild some as the reason we are leaving Uldum is lack of a "late night" crowd and loss of 4 raiders from our 10m due to work, school, etc.. I also work second shift and have been raiding with a few of these guys since 2009. Let me know if you're interested.

Magic <3
Honestly that's a damn near perfect schedule for me because even if I end up working overtime I can still make raids. There is absolutely nothing that would keep me from making every raid and I'm definitely interested in talking with you more. :)
those raid times are perfect for me 2........u can count me in.
Still looking..

(Magic, if you did indeed transfer, I'm still interested in talking to you)

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