All Day is back !@#$%es;Recruiting plate tank

Bleeding Hollow
So myself, chacoopabra, PATriva, krichards, and viktrix are back in the same raid group. We're ready to blow through some 10 mans and merge with alright's group in three weeks, but we have a HUGE problem! WE HAVE NO MAIN TANK!!!!

Here is a preview of what my groups gear looks like:

I need someone who's dedicated enough to valor cap every week till upgrades are gone, is never late to a raid, and can stay until the end. Other than showing up to get hit in the face on time, i need you to master your class. Know when to use cooldowns early to get get them when !@#$ is going down. Know how to do mad AOE dps. Have at least some people skills so you can coordinate cooldowns with me, our hunter, our fury warrior, and for the guardian druid. --Aside from all of that you can have as big or as little of a role as you would like. As I've already stated, we're trying to move into 25H in three weeks. We want to raid the new content as soon as it comes out so be ready to play this game a bunch.

Raid times are 5-9 EST on Tuesday and Sunday.

We're really not dickheads, but be prepared for an earful if you're doing it wrong. Hit me up right here, ASAP or whisper me in game. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Have a nice day.
Also recruiting any and every class/spec for RBGs. If you want to !@*%!%@! some of these hordie scum hit me up! We world pvp on wednsdays and EVERYONE ON THE SERVER IS INVITED. plan to start 5's once we get a pvp hunter. RBGs coming soon as well.
And my bark.
when's aus coming back?
As soon as he learns how to use his mouse.
Don't need a shaman huh... darn.

Doesn't matter, I'd be dead on the floor anyways. WE COULD BE FLOOR BUDDIES AGAIN ART!
tell vik i said hi and tell mlgy i love him
tell mlgy i love him 2 but no !@#$ also tell him i hate him b4 he has a chance to reply then all %^-*

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