How to get from eastern kingdoms to Kalimdor

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Hi, i am (Right now an orc but shows me as a worgen) and am stuck in undercity. I want to get back to Orgimmar and don't know how. Help?
There'll be a zepplin you can take. Ask a guard about the location. I would tell you but from memory they moved them in cataclysm
The zeppelin that takes you to Orgrimmar is only a short walk from The undercity, you should be able to see the towers as soon as you exit the Undercity.
And if you're having trouble navigating to the UC elevators back up to the surface, the flight master can send you to Brill, which is where the towers can be found (the zeppelin to Org docks at the eastern tower).
As you leave the UC courtyard, there's two zeplin towers ahead of you. Go inside the tower on the right. Follow the stairs up to the first landing (on the south side of the tower). The zep to org will be along shortly.
any 1 know how to get scubagear

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