5.2 Valor gear?

will the Isle of the Thunder King have..well lets think about this...: Valor gear FOR ALL slots?

As a casual raider I want to supplement my ilvl 502 gear(from LFR) with ilvl 522 valor gear(normal tot drops). An I hope that is so.
I'd be surprised. Blizzard's design philosophy this expac has been to not allow you to gear entirely from valor.
Gearwise I thought 5.2 was concentrating on PvP gear! Never heard of them bringing higher ilvl newer tier Valor Gear that would make the highest currently available become obsolete, though!
if you want the new gear for valor you will need to do LFR/normal/heroic for raid rep

pick your poison :( they are all equally bad.

kirin tor/sunreaver might have some catch-up ilvl gear but nothing that is superior.
note: this is for 5.2.

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