493 Warlock LF 10m or 25m progression team

the guild im in is falling apart very fast and i need a new home...im currently 16/16 and would look to progress into hard modes or at least fast weekly clears of current content if you feel that i would be good for your raid team please send me a tell in game (im ALWAYS on) i will always be on time never late will never ever miss a raid im good at my class know all fights so yeah just let me know...thanks in advance.

PS i take raiding very seriously but to me raiding is not a "job" and i feel i shouldn't have to apply for a spot on a raid team like its a job ill do a trail peroid if need be u can look at logs (if there is any) no offense to the guilds that still use that way to gain members but as a personal preference of mine i just don't do it.

willing to server xfer if the offer is nice real id is yours66@aol.com
pst me in game if your interested in raiding 10-1 server time tue/thur/sun

4/16 hm 16/16 normal

<Encore> on US-Illidan is Recruiting for MoP. Looking for top shelf dps and healers (Top 200 kills).
<Encore> was created in early September 2007.
Encore's concept is to create a place for players who want to raid and be both successful and progressive as a team.
Our community is second to none. We have players who have gone casual because they can no longer raid our schedule but refuse to leave because they won’t raid with anyone else. We have a family of raiders who have gone above and beyond for each other in game and in real life. Going as far as helping someone pay their subscriptions or helping them study for classes that they struggle with.
Encore isn’t just a guild, it is a group of friends who don't mind calling themselves an online family

We have Full Cleared all content since BC and there has not been a mountain we have been unable to climb but we are looking to put our guild into high gear and progress at a fast rate with a light raiding schedule.

Our current Progression:
6/6H MV
4/6H HoF
1/4H ToES

We are open to all exceptional apps of any class atm.

Our raid times are as follows: CST

M 8-11p
Tu 8-11p
W 8-11p
Th 8-11p
F,S,S off (PvP/alt nights)

Please contact an officer for more information.
Active Officers/GLs - raid leaders


Or feel free to add me on real ID paymj@yahoo.com
And our Website is:
Hey Headd - I sent you a realID request, would love to chat if you haven't found a new home yet.

We are an adult 10m guild <Elysium> that just xferred to Illidan this last sunday, looking to replace the few dps that we lost in the xfer. We came from a 6/16 H guild and are looking to replenish our ranks in time to get a few more heroics knocked out before 5.2 drops, however the primary focus IS in fact 5.2 and beyond.

We've been a server top contender since Cataclysm when we formed, including 6/7H Firelands and 8/8H DS when it was relevant content, and are looking to do so again with MoP. We raid tuesday/thursday/sunday from 6:00pm to 9:30pm PST (8-11:30 illidan server time). If you have any questions or would like additional information, please add me to realID, I'd love to talk.


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