[H] Players looking for a new home

A few of us have faction changed to get back to the Horde and we're looking for a regular raiding schedule. We're available weeknights from 7pm server - about midnight, and friday/saturday is flexible.

480 WW Monk
467 Prot Warrior
465 Arcane Mage
Are you a package deal or are you willing to split up?

<Impetus> is currently looking to fill out our 10m timer. We raid 9-12 EST T/Th. We currently are heavily recruiting mages and some superb melee DPS, but are all full on tanks :( If you want a bit more info about the guild feel free to talk to the officers in game (Dethkrik [or Ythica] or Taliya). They may be able to figure out someway to get all three of you guys.

Our website is http://impetus.guildlaunch.com.
I know that Bench Squad needs a mage. Not sure how much that helps anyone.
Contact me in game on either Deadrui or this character, we may be able to fit 3.
Yeah Dead is right, I think that we can use all 3 of you.

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