Resto druid looking for casual raiding guild

Hi there,

Looking for casual guild to join . Looking to be in a guild that's into raiding (10m) one or two nights per week (not mon/tues). Prefer times be between 6pm-11pm. Not looking for an actual core spot but just a guild to call home and be in a raid the odd times. Know all the fights as I've done 16/16NM on my main.
Untold Legacy would be interested in talking with you. We are currently rebuilding a 10m team. We will be raiding on the weekends. Check out our website or pst an officer in-game (Gooftroopr, Disciplines, Atsirk, Chucknôrrîs)
Ungodly Wrath would gladly welcome you. We raid Tues, Thurs and Sun starting at 10:30 server time. We have an open core that allows our raiders to compete for a spot on the team. PST to me in game or msg Zakaveli, Viks or Ironyman if you have any questions. Hope to talk with you soon

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