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Yay! Haely made it. :D

I feel like trolling some posts.
Half the stadium lost power?
Yay! Haely made it. :D

I feel like trolling some posts.

General is a great place for that, plus it's sunday.
02/03/2013 05:47 PMPosted by Mahalia
Half the stadium lost power?

For real?
NFL joke league confirmed.
I don't know, I'm not watching it. Guildie said half the stadium lost power, they don't know why, it hadn't been announced yet and scoreboard was down. Note this was a few min ago so it might be back up.
Apparently it was a power surge.
This should be fun.
So, it's been a good day.

Shot bow, got a consulting job installing some wireless access points, ate some Mcdonalds...

I even went out and got myself a treat. Some good old fashioned 101 proof Kentucky Whiskey.

All warm and fuzzy. Mhhmm Warm.
I just thought of Sport's teams for the factions.

Stormwind/Human Lions(Dalaran,Theramore and High Elves are on this same team)

Orgrimmar Wolves

Darnassian Nightsabers

Ironforge Bears(DA BEARS)

Gnomeregan Robots

Eredar/ Draenei Elekk's

Thunderbluff Kodos

Echo Isles Raptors

Lordaeron or Plagueland Bats

Kezan or Bilgewater Cartel CEO's.

Quel'thalas or Silvermoon Lynxes

Now for the Enemies.

Twisting Nether Demons!(Burning Legion team)

Old Gods Kraken!

Naga Sirens

Let the AFL commence!
Is it over yet? Football is dumb and I want to check facebook without all the Super Bowl crap.
Hands down, THE BEST Machinima I've ever seen.

I had my doubts when it first started but was freaking awesome.

I love the Arthas Jaina thing.

Garrosh and Cairne fight almost made me wet myself.
Well I'm back. I kind of wanted to watch the super bowl but unfortunately I went to a movie instead. I saw Zero Dark Thirty tonight. It was ok but the majority of the movie theater was deserted. I got some pretty good seats for it too. I'd give it a 5/10 overall. It wasn't as action packed as I expected but it was informative and followed a strict chain of events for what happened, but I think I knew the majority of the information that they gave out. Then for the actual operation that took place I noticed all sorts of stuff that was wrong. For instance Bin Laden was supposed to come out onto his balcony with a rifle forcing the strike team to shoot him dead, that didn't happen, instead the strike team shot anyone they found including women.

Then the intel said there was a total of two men, three women, and five children. When the time came there were more like six women, two men plus Osama, and something like forty children there. The assault team was actually an elite group of green berets and Navy SEALs not a group of ragtag soldiers put together. There was a giant amount of talking at the facility amongst the soldiers when everything they could conveyed could have been done by hand signs, and considering this was one of the most important operations they would conduct I would expect nothing more from them. Also the president was supposed to be watching this in the situation room, there was no mention of this at all.

Let's see what else? They never mentioned why the helicopter went through the mountains, they never mentioned the guy tweet online about how black hawk helicopters were going through the city, the never talked about why the helicopter crashed, they never explained why they needed to destroy the helicopter that crashed, it showed them destroying the helicopter but no one coming to pick them up, there were actually a total of three helicopters not two, they never explained the three options they could have made with Bin Laden and saying that they could have led a joint operation between the Pakistanis and the United States, sent a bomb to destroy the compound, or else send their own group of elite soldiers to attack them.
Vyn, I'm glad you care so much about a subject to critic the movie. But I have nothing good to say about it, or the operation itself, or the "war" in Iraq. So I won't say anything else.

I think I'm going to watch the Next Generation for the rest of the night.

My time expires tomorrow, and I have a lot to do, so I don't think I'll be renewing until at least Tuesday. If I don't post for a day or two, you now know why.

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