[A-RP] The Shan're: Not just for night elves!

Wyrmrest Accord

Recruitment Status: Open


When the ground finally stilled after the initial destruction of the Shattering, my shan’do and I could not ignore the cries of Kalimdor and her people. We sought out those who survived – those still strong enough to stand and fight despite their losses. We became a wandering refuge, a thorn to those that dared oppose us and a safe haven for those whose fortitude had waned.

The Shan’re grew – druids and Highborne, fisherman and vagabonds – they all came together to fend off the agents of the Old Gods and Burning Legion. They retaliated against the Horde for the peace they disrupted. From as far north as Winterspring and far south as Silithus, they walked through felfire and back for Cenarius, for Elune, for Kalimdor.

Something has happened now, something has changed. Theramore, a once great bastion of the Alliance, has fallen. The number of allies the kaldorei could rely upon has dwindled while outside threats continue to multiply.

The tree that does not bend to the wind surely breaks by it but ours will grow – for Theramore’s survivors, for Gilneas’ refugees, for the noble gnomes of Stonetalon and anyone else who has stood for our lands.

For Kalimdor! For the Alliance!
The word “Shan’re” is a Darnassian homonym and difficult to properly translate to the Common tongue. Both singular and plural, the most concise translations mean “eternal” with undertones of defiance or an “honored sanctuary; refuge”.

As an organization, the Shan’re acts as both a safe haven to those who have lost their homes and as a refuge who seeks to take back what has been lost in recent years.

As a guild, we hope to be an active presence on Wyrmrest Accord with RP-PvP/PvE and social events ranging from counter attacks, religious services and much more with evolving storylines based out in the game world.

If you would like to join the refuge, simply fill out an application on our guild site after reviewing the guild rules and RP guidelines. A recruiter will contact you to set up interviews to get you into the guild. Death knight applicants must be level 70 before applying to the Shan’re, all other classes must be level 30. This is to ensure that you are both invested in the character and class before joining us, along with a consideration for your safety when roleplaying in higher level zones.
Guild Structure
In Character

Naelaedra, Orravar
The council leads the Shan’re both as individuals and as a group with the well-being of the Shan’re ever at the forefront of their minds. They often lead a specific branch within the organization, the Might, Mind or Soul of the Shan’re.

Selected from the kindred by one of the council to act as an assistant. They report directly to their councilor, acting in their stead should they be elsewhere and are only chosen as needed.

Those who have devoted themselves to the refuge and have proven their merit by their actions.

Those new to the Shan’re who have not yet proven their capabilities. They are strongly encouraged to learn as much about the order and its members by attending meetings and events.


Stirs interest in the guild, mediates conflicts between members and coordinates events between field commanders and the DM team. Many hats, the ‘stache wears them.

Naelaedra, Theleste, Orravar
Reviews applications and admits people into the guild.

Field Commander
PvE - Romathis; PvP - Såarik
Stirs interest and plans PvE and PvP encounters

A full member who has been accepted into the IC part of the guild.

A new member who has been accepted into the IC part of the guild. Promotion from this rank is based on attendance and activity.

Purple Human
Purple Humans are our OOC rank for alternative characters and sponsored friends, spouses, roommates and family members that have not been accepted into the IC part of the guild.

At the one month mark, alts and main characters will be moved down to the inactive rank with a note of their previous rank left in their guild note. At the three month mark, they will be removed from the guild. The inactive rank has no access to the guild bank or funds to ward against hacking. The three month rule gives them time to tend to other business while ensuring none of their guild reputation or standing is lost in their hiatus.
Reserved for future use.
Hurrah! It's good to see this thread open.

Just wanted to pop in and say that we look forward to seeing the Horde (and Alliance) of Wyrmrest in the battlegrounds, world PvP zones, and quite honestly your towns. For the next little while as we gear up and get ready to go full swing into some PvP if you see me about don't hesitate to ask about the guild I'll be glad to answer any questions I can.

Look forward to seeing some of you at the reopening of our recruitment event in Moonglade tonight at 5:00pm server time!

Until then, be you friend or foe I look forward to seeing all of you in the meat grinder!

The Shan're:

Return of the Stache
I recognize dese peeps
Funderful time out in Moonglade tonight <3
/vows not to go crazy with guild bumps but decides a little page two, day later bump is in order.
Interesting concept, best of luck to you. Here's a bump from a fellow elf.
To the top with ye! For an awesome group of people! :D <3
This thread needs a Highborne bump.
This thread needs more short folk, bump.
Not just for night elves!

Would love to get some worgen, pandaren and draenei in the mix. ;)

I might be interested!
This guild seems perfect for Mier. She's a refugee of Lordaeron who hasn't a home anymore. And the Warlocks section for the RP guidelines fits her perfectly; she's a pyromancer who studies demons simply to know more about them.

Also, bump.
This guild seems perfect for Mier. She's a refugee of Lordaeron who hasn't a home anymore. And the Warlocks section for the RP guidelines fits her perfectly; she's a pyromancer who studies demons simply to know more about them.

Also, bump.

Elunaara would like to meet Mier. She has certain...questions. About certain...subjects. If you ever see me online, feel free to whisper me! I'd love to RP with you some time! :)

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