Fresh 90 New to Expansion looking for guild.

Hey guys,

I just picked up the game on thursday and I hit 90 lastnight. I've been tanking for a 7 plus years and quit for a little while and just came back. I looking for a guild that needs a tank and willing help me learn the ropes on this expansion. I love heroics and raiding. I'm a mature player and dont like drama so please be a drama free guild.


our Sun / Mon team (times are afternoon to early evening) is looking for more, there are choices, one team is looking for a tank, but Leather user prefered, so we offer a good guild, good home, with some pvp, heroics, etc. and a chance to work with the team on a new raid team.
We have some, 2 DPS who chose a weekend timeframe, if willing to help that, join the guild, share fun, be loyal and pay nice (we take no drama), look for the DoJ on Lightbringer for more info.

See you :)

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