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Death Knight
My Death Knight is getting closer to 90 and wanted to know what DKS best stat is, Haste/Mastery gems better at the moment or pure strength gems while reforging for haste or mastery?
No Unholy DK's to answer your question? :o If it's for PvP you can refer to my armor, or check top rated Unholy DK's in the ladder. I have no idea what the setup is in PvE. :x
this is a link to the 11th best pvper according to worldofwargraphs who happens to be unholy
unless im mistaken you just linked the #1 warlock in RU

PvE = hit/expertise>haste>crit>mastery

PvP = hit/expertise>mastery>haste>crit

EDIT: Follow socket bonuses.
Red = str/haste
Yellow = str/haste
Blue = str/hit

Most of the time, you'll get around the same amount of strength by following socket bonuses then if you didn't. Plus the bonus secondary stat gain.
Some unholy players like mastery stacking and less haste for harder hitting shadow damage, like reinhart does. Some unholy players like haste stacking to increase rune regen and weapon speeds. In the end, the damage comes out about the same really, it's more based on your skill level and how comfortable you are with your attacks. I find that maximizing critical strike and haste is probably the safest combination for Unholy dks unless your an experienced player like reinhart. Experiment on your own, try reforging all haste and check your dps and be aware of your performance, then try mastery and see if its more your style.
Fact is, your pet scales off haste, crit and attack power. Not mastery.
Mastery all the way. Unholy wrecks face with easily applied diseases that can be optimized via procs and trinkets, and maintained at that optimal stage with Festering Strike, long after your CDs have run out. Of course, you may once in a while have to overwrite your Frost Fever, but Blood Plague is the one mastery buffs anyway.

Oh, pve? I'll have to defer to more knowledgeable folks on that score. I think Haste is the favorite, with Crit and then Mastery as the least desired, though I might like to see for myself sometime.

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