Looking for Dedicated Raiders

<Tempered Steel> GL25, 10 man raiding is looking for one more to fill its current vacancy. We are in need of a Spriest or Mage. Currently 6/6, 4/6, 2/4 and looking to bang out the final 4 and move into Heroics. Raid nights are tues/wens/thurs from 6pm to 9pm server. We end at 9 server promptly as most of us are EST. Any questions please contact hymës (alt 0235 for the e) or keosi in game. If we are not on, then ask for any officer or raid member for info. Can also check out the website at Tempered-Steel.Enjin.com
UPDATE: Still looking for a spriest or mage, but now 6/6, 5/6, 2/4.
Still looking for a few more. We need some dedicated raiders that are willing to push progression & can be there for raid times. A Spriest or Mage for our ranged slot and a Warrior or Monk for our melee slot would provide all buffs needed and keep token distribution where it needs to be. If anyone has any questions post here or ask for one of our officers in guild.
Thanks for reading.

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